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Lemaitre Is Behind You Every Step of The Way

Lemaitre Is Behind You Every Step of The Way

Driven by passion, dedication and a commitment to high-quality products, Lemaitre Safety Footwear has always been committed to keeping those who build South Africa safe. In kinship and workmanship, Lemaitre supports some of our nation's strongest and toughest workforces across the various terrains and beyond.

Now more than ever, it’s one worker supporting another as we boost the economy to get South Africa back on its feet. Our dedication to your craft reflects in the safety footwear we provide, designed to offer you the support, comfort and performance you need to get the job done.   



Our range of safety shoes are manufactured with meticulous detail from stitch to step. Feel the trust and passion woven throughout, from the bottom of the sole to the ends of every lace. For those farmers who are characterised by the effort they put into their craft, the extra miles they have to tread and the sunrises they witness as they plant their seeds of prosperity for a fruitful nation.

Our hand-made safety shoes help the tough South African workforce to continue building a stronger nation step by step. Our entire operation is geared towards supporting the people and communities of this great country, which is why we choose to walk with you as a brand you can rely on, behind you, every step of the way. 

Working in agriculture asks a lot of your shoes. All those wet, slippery and dirty surfaces, working with heaving machinery and livestock and those early mornings and long days spent navigating a variety of terrain and conditions. You require a shoe that is always ready for the unexpected.  


The Lemaitre range of products offers features and benefits to tackle the varying hazards faced in the toughest of industries  

Our Raptor Range is known for its torsion control in agricultural environments where uneven terrain is prevalent. No matter the uncertainty of the terrain you find yourself in, the Lemaitre Raptor Range with torsion control keeps you sure-footed and in control. In this range, you can rely on the durable Osprey Hiker and the Falcon (available in a shoe and boot) to withstand the uncertain, uneven and changing environments that evolve day by day. 

The Osprey Hiker allows wearers to traverse varying and uneven terrain. It provides the ultimate grip and torsion control, ensuring you remain sure-footed with exceptional ankle support wherever you find yourself. The full-grain leather upper adds durability to this boot, whilst the padded collar, bellows tongue and Footology Elastopan Climate Control Insole provide comfort behind every step.  

The stable Falcon boot and shoe allow for enhanced comfort, durability and torsion control, perfect for assisting you in getting the job done safely. For those seeking extra grip and stability, this Falcon is a steady step in the right direction. 

Our iconic Maxeco range, a legacy of South African safety footwear, has built-in arch support and is designed for all-around safety. The Maximus allows your hard-working feet to tread with confidence behind every step because of its lightweight sole unit, wider fit and improved ergonomics on the Gladius sole unit. For any surfaces you may find yourself walking on, you can expect improved slip resistance, stability and reduced shock impact thanks to the square cleat design of the boot. 



Working in the agricultural sector come with varying hazards and terrains. The Inyati Range allows you to step out with confidence with a durable and reliable safety shoe, knowing your feet will be protected in all conditions  

Providing all-around safety and protection in hazardous working environments, the Dodge has an Inyati PU/Rubber sole unit, offering high heat resistance, cut and abrasion resistance. It is SRC rated for slip resistance and comes with a TPU support system on the outside counter for reinforced support.  



Made with the worker in mind, our range of products offers a variety of features and benefits for all-round protection, comfort and performance in the agricultural sector. As a proudly South African brand made for workers, by workers, we understand what is needed to carry you safely through tough industries and working environments.

We are passionate about keeping workers safe every day by manufacturing and distributing safety footwear products of the highest quality, looking out for the hardworking people who are building a stronger South Africa.  

Stay sure-footed and protected whilst navigating through the various terrains and hazards everyday. Lemaitre Safety Footwear, from one worker to another. 


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