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Blue North Sustainability Launches Carbon Heroes QR Code

Blue North Sustainability Launches Carbon Heroes QR Code as they celebrate all B-graded agri-businesses taking part in the Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative for their considerable effort in calculating and understanding their carbon emissions.

[Stellenbosch, 2023] -, an online platform. The platform showcases the inspiring stories of the Carbon Heroes of the Wine and Fruit industry - individuals and organisations making a significant impact by measuring their carbon emissions with the Confronting Climate Change [CW1] (CCC) tool, a carbon footprint calculator designed to help clients measure and understand their carbon emissions.

The Carbon Heroes platform aims to educate, inspire, and engage the public on the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking measures to protect the environment. By featuring Carbon Heroes, the platform celebrates the achievements of those that have taken remarkable steps towards environmental sustainability. Their stories serve as a powerful reminder that every action counts and that everyone can become a Carbon Hero.

Each Carbon Hero has their own QR code that can be displayed on their website and other marketing material, linking directly to their individual profile on the Carbon Heroes website. The QR code provides a simple and innovative way for customers to learn about each Carbon Hero’s carbon emissions measurement, reduction, and other sustainability initiatives, as well as engage with them on social media and other marketing channels.


The CCC carbon calculator tool is a user-friendly, interactive feature, that allows individuals and organisations to calculate their carbon footprint, compare it to regional averages, and identify ways to reduce it. The CCC tool encourages clients to adopt more sustainable practices and contribute to the global effort against climate change.

"We believe that creating awareness and empowering individuals and organisations to take climate action is crucial in addressing the pressing issue of climate change," said Chantelle, CCC Commercial Head at Blue North Sustainability[CW2] . "Through the Carbon Heroes platform, we hope to inspire a new generation of Carbon Heroes and drive change at the farm level."


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