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Go Electric Go Eleksa

Go Electric Go Eleksa

Electric Vehicles (EV) is the future of mobility, and there is no longer any doubt that this industry will be the solution to replace the current Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). 

Eleksa is the leading EV dealership group in South Africa, and we are expanding into the whole of Africa.

We opened our first EV dealership in 2013. This was the first registered fully electric vehicle company in South Africa. In 2016 we changed the name to Eleksa (Pty) Ltd and we are growing by leaps and bounds.

Our mission is to establish a dealership network throughout South Africa to ensure that all our clients will have a completely satisfying experience with their electric vehicle, and to build Eleksa to be a major force in Africa.


An Electric Vehicles Dealership

Here at Eleksa, we have more than 9 years of EV (Electric Vehicles) experience. We have the backup knowledge to service all our EVs. 

Our Products:

  • Bikes & Trikes The best electric tricycle for adults in 2022 is now for sale in South Africa. This high-quality 3-wheeler bicycle is made to satisfy your need for e-speed. This trike is just waiting for you at our showroom to come to cycle away.
  • ATV – Quad Bikes
  • Scooters - High-quality electric motorbike at a competitive price for sale in South Africa. Some may know it as a motorcycle, motorsport, or electric scooter, well guess what: Eleksa is the one-stop shop near you that has got all the e-speed you need!
  • Mobility-Vehicles -Every one of our protection vehicles is custom-built in China, and every stage of the process is carried out with a craftsman’s attention to detail. This four-wheeler, an electric-powered motorbike is for sale in South Africa at over 25 dealerships nationwide.
  • Kids This electric-powered Go-Kart will let little racers rush around and have endless fun as they start their journey of driving motorsports in the future. This shifter kart is the best isotretinoina accutane toy you can buy your child in 2022, and lucky enough for you, these children’s go-karts are for sale in South Africa.
  • Work Vehicles
  • Electric Bakkies, you deserve more than just a car; you deserve a great electric vehicle (EV) with high-quality features at an affordable price. This electric-powered bakkie has been proven to be the most cost-effective electric car that is for sale in South Africa.

Come to any one of our electric dealerships to test drive this auto.

Eleksa is developing a Dealership network throughout South Africa.

If you are interested in any of our products, feel free to contact the dealership that’s most convenient for you, here.

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