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Manufacturers Of Knitted Fruit And Vegetable Bags

Manufacturers Of Knitted Fruit And Vegetable Bags

At Sakpro we are constantly driven to deliver high quality products and finding new ways to serve you better as a trusted brand name in the packaging industry. As we celebrate the achievement of our factory’s FSSC 22000 certification, we can’t help but take a moment to appreciate those who contributed to our success.

It is with our clients and the consumers in mind that we aspire to be the best. So from our team here at Sakpro, we would like to say thank you for inspiring us to new heights so that we can serve you better!


What is FSSC22000 and what does it mean in the food industry?

Based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, FSSC 22000 is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), that is also supported by the European Food and Drink Association (CIAA) and the American Groceries Manufacturing Association (GMA). The focus is to assure food safety by defining, evaluating and controlling risks and hazards during our processing and product manufacturing.


Benefit from our implementation of FSSC22000:

Becoming GFSI approved (this approval is required for major retailers worldwide).

Development of your own food safety management system, including compliance with the requirements stipulated in FSCC 22000.

Improved management and internal communication.

Reduced costs caused by potential withdrawals and/or recalls.

Improved quality and greater sense of confidence in disclosures through increased recognition, trust and credibility.


What can I do to become more Food Safety oriented in my daily life?

When cooking, wash your hands between steps.

Washing your hands before cooking is almost a no brainer, but many forget to also wash between steps. This is especially true that you should wash your hands after handling raw meat.


Keep your work surfaces clean.

When preparing meals make sure that your counters, cutting boards and all work surfaces have been cleaned sufficiently first.

Use separate cutting boards for raw meats, vegetables and produce, and cooked foods.

Designate one board for raw meats, one for fruits and vegetables and one to cut cooked or prepared food on. This keeps cross contamination to a minimum.


Cook foods to safe temperatures.

Check out the recommended temperature for food safety and make sure that you are cooking foods to safe temperatures.


Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Hot foods should be kept at 140 degrees or higher and cold foods at 40 degrees or lower. Utilizing a crockpot or other warming tray is a great way to keep food hot. Bowls with ice are also great method of keeping those cold items cold.

At Sakpro we are dedicated to ensure food safety along the entire food chain from production to consumption.

To find out more about our product range contact or +27 (0)13 751 2376


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