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Digital Farm Management Means Resource Savings And Increased Precision

Digital Farm Management Means Resource Savings And Increased Precision

Looking ahead to 2023, unsteady prices and an insecure nitrogen supply make fertilization planning more complicated than ever. Making sure you apply fertilizer and nutrients according to the crop's needs becomes essential. Now is a perfect time to plan your investments in tools and technology so that future yields are secure, and no resources are wasted.

In 2023, "business as usual" is no longer an option

Precision farming solutions work on a very simple principle: The more you as a farmer know about the soil, weather and crops, the more informed your decisions will be. Just think about the use of fertilisers, for example. With the help of digital farm management, you can tell the exact amount to apply based on soil conditions and your plants' measured needs.

At Topcon, we are committed to providing farmers with simple and economical tools to turn precision into the new normal. At its most effective, wise guidance solutions and digital farm management will help you stabilise and increase yields, save expensive nitrogen fertilisers, and improve nitrogen balance at the same time. Subscribe to our seasonal tips to learn more and get started with precision farming!


Our customers are saying

Embracing precision agriculture means reduced costs and more family-time

In the Irish village of Glenbrien, farmer Don Somers grows winter and spring cereals. A staffing issue made him realise he wanted to work in a more timely and cost-effective way. In 2018, he switched to precision agriculture. Topcon technology helps him to improve the quality and quantity of the yield and soil in an unprecedented way. And the best thing? He can put his kids to bed now!



Nutrient Mapping With Sensor-Based Crop Monitoring

Applying inputs based on your crop's need is the key and use of crop-product-sensor technology for targeted grain cultivation is one of the fastest growing segments in today’s farming. The sensor-based monitoring is a plant-friendly and non-destructive way to collect accurate information on crop health and field variability. You can measure nutrient levels on the fly or use the data to create comprehensive prescription maps and analysis on both soil and crop quality.

With Topcon’s CropSpec nutrient mapping solution, you can start maximizing yields while ensuring soil fertility for sustainable use.



Sustainable Nutrient Management for Yield Optimization

It all starts with the soil. Collection and monitoring of real-time yield data during harvest help you assess and improve soil quality to maximize future yields, productivity and profit. When paired with additional digital farm management, yield monitoring provides you with high-quality performance data for relevant agronomic insights and better decisions across the entire farming cycle.

Upgrade your harvester to collect yield data and base your nutrient management decisions on real-time yield map views.



Automatic Boom Height Control for Sprayers

Who hasn't experienced this yet: In uneven terrain, the boom of the field sprayer will often swing erratically up and down during the application of crop protection products and fertilisers. This leads to uneven distances between boom and ground that result in suboptimal boom heights and affect the precision of the application.

However, there is a remedy. A boom height control solution that can be retrofitted to your field sprayer, and you can instantly eliminate the need for constant manual boom height corrections.



Planting permanent crops, fruit, vegetables & Co. precisely and efficiently

For the precise set-up of Christmas tree plantings, strawberry and lettuce fields, making optimum use of the available space is one criterion for economic success. With an easy-to-use transplanting solution such sophisticated planting patterns almost succeed by themselves. For example, the number of plants on a given area can be increased by up to 15 percent. The GNSS-controlled, even spacing between the individual plants enables healthier crop stands, less competition between the individual plants and thus higher productivity and quality.



Wise guidance across the farming cycle

Maintaining accuracy in the field is essential for both crop sensing and successful application of fertilizers. With Topcon, you can now combine field-proven steering with leading network reception and tracking functionality. Build yourself a wise guidance solution that fully supports your nutrient management efforts – on any machine and farming application across the crop cycle.




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