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3 Benefits of Polystyrene Ceiling Cornices

Polystyrene ceiling cornices are being used more and more frequently than other material. This is because they’re easy to install, more budget-friendly and super versatile! Here are three great reasons to choose polystyrene cornices to finish off a ceiling nicely:

Installing Polystyrene Cornices is Easy

Polystyrene is very light, so it’s easy to handle and can be installed quickly and easily either on your own or with the help of a professional. The polystyrene is glued in place with polystyrene-safe glue. Because it’s so light, it sticks easily to any wall and ceiling surface, no matter how uneven. Polystyrene will melt if glued with a chemical base, so finding the right one is important.

Decorate Your Polystyrene Cornices

Polystyrene cornices can come in any shape or pattern, and be as simple or as ornate as any style requires. They are also easily paintable with water-based paints and chalk paints, so they can be chopped and changed as often as one desires. For a quicker colour change, they can even be spray painted! The sky is the limit.

Durability That Can’t Be Matched

Polystyrene cornices don’t only complete a room; they also provide insulation. The best part is that they can be applied in damp areas like bathrooms, humid rooms, and kitchens without taking on any water or steam damage. They also don’t chip easily, so dusting off those cobwebs can be done without any worries. They will last for years to come, throughout the transitions of different paint or wallpaper.

For polystyrene cornices in South Africa, visit Technopol SA. For more quality products and brands, visit our directory.


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