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GENTAG Has a Humble and Pure South African History

GENTAG has a humble and pure South African history starting in 1958 when Staalmeester Agricultural Implements (Pty) Ltd. steered by Mr. P.M.L. Coetzee (Snr) was approached by farmers to develop a ground nut de-huller.

The very well-known company of the late Mr P.M.L. Coetzee, Staalmeester Agricultural Implements (Pty) Ltd. was again in 2015 registered in the name of Mr. P.M. Coetzee and prevail the Status Quo.


The machine was a giant success which took off immediately but not without the consequences of imitations by government funded manufacturers.

The success of the de-huller led to the well-known Staalmeester maize combine and a range of fodder processing equipment.

The method of approach was always to introduce straight forward, well balanced, reliable and affordable agricultural equipment to harsh conditions.


Since 1980 Mr. P. M. Coetzee Jnr. felt the need to pioneer his own family enterprise and has since designed, developed, patented and marketed exciting developments:


We specialize in the following:

  • Large range of agricultural equipment,
  • Fodder making equipment and agricultural implements
  • Waste Management equipment - Wood chippers, shredder, grinder, Tumble screen and Windrow Turners
  • Extruders and Ram Presses for producing a variety of briquettes and pellets for domestic and industrial use.
  • Plastic recycling machinery
  • Separation and cleaning screens
  • Ring and Flat Die Pelletizing Machines for the agricultural sector.
  • Pillow, oval and round shape briquetting machines for domestic and industrial use.
  • Charring kilns and retorts
  • Feeding and packing systems
  • Supply of complete installations of the above.
  • Standby generators, Wind turbines and solar systems   


Special purpose power supply systems have been manufactured and installed to achieve critical degrees of precision that international specifications demand. A prestigious ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification is an approval of our consistent manufacturing standards. (see for more on our generator manufacturing)


For other agricultural products and services, click here.

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