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Rebelo - Today's small farmers are tomorrows recognized farmers

Founded by Jose Rebelo who has 25 years' experience in the agricultural industry with vast experience in both the produce and farming sector. Because of his very solid foundation stemming down from immediate family and loyal long time relationships with farmers (friends), he has never been to far from the soils of the earth, enjoying every challenge that has been brought directly to him.

Joe (as he is known on the market) has always believed "what you sow is what you reap", therefore he lives by his code always providing a service to all farmers big or small. Jose believes today's small farmers are tomorrows recognized farmers.

Fondly known as "RAP" - Rebelo Agricultural Products started in 2009 with a full spectrum of packaging, ranging from boxes, potato bags, through to generic packaging on all levels. All accessories are readily available from pallet net to work wear.


We pride ourselves as being ahead in our game because we listen to our client's needs. When it comes to branded packaging, we offer the best quality at the best prices, because we fight for our client’s best interests offering them the personal one on one attention. Rebelo Agricultural Products strives to enhance the branding of your product and to introduce the latest technology in packaging around the globe.

Towards the end of 2010 Jose started to once again become a better service provider to the farmers, and looking after their best interest. Thus, taking farming into a more lucrative mechanized industry, which ensures increased productivity on the farm and allows the best quality produce sent to the market.

Rebelo Agricultural Group is proud to be the South African agent for the best mechanical harvesters, planters and innovative machinery internationally and is taking farming to new heights while keeping in mind South African conditions and circumstances farmers' face. We are on par with our international counterparts, recognizing us as a strong and trust worthy source for all your needs.


The group believes one can be taught the theory of farming, but to truly master the practical concepts of farming these have to be put into practice. Rebelo possess this wealth of knowledge on all levels of the farming industry. Our passion is creating new innovative ideas, evident in all commercial farming, as well as in our eagerness with which we present progress and increase productivity.

Incorporated in 2011, Rebelo Agricultural Group is very proud of our latest achievement where we were granted a South African level 2 bee.


Our company headquarters is situated right on the Johannesburg fresh produce market, where the major flow of produce is delivered and where we can offer a service to all our customers in the most convenient manner possible.


Rebelo Agricultural Products takes pride in making our clients packaging stand out with their products.


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Rebelo Agricultural Products takes pride in making our clients packaging stand out with their products