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Speciality Irrigation Systems from Reinke

Speciality Irrigation Systems from Reinke

Farm irrigation systems come in a wide variety of setups, allowing for just about any farm to be ready for proper water maintenance.  While there are many standard farm irrigation systems, every farm set-up is different, and some will require irrigation systems that have been custom-built to accommodate the uniqueness of the shape, size, or requirements of the area.

Reinke supplies various speciality irrigation systems to meet a multitude of different needs.


Speciality Irrigation System: Swing Arm Corner

A Reinke Swing Arm Corner uses high-strength steel that is 20% lighter and 50% stronger than steel used in other irrigation systems. Benefits of this type of speciality irrigation system include:

  • It’s the industry's longest end boom/span combination.
  • It’s backed by a factory-trained dealer network.
  • It adapts to almost any competitive centre pivot brand.
  • Can irrigate up to 98.7% of total acres.
  • It’s custom-designed to retrofit to other brands of systems.
  • Uses "High Tech" UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) to minimise wear and friction.
  • Allows for a booster pump to be mounted on the end to maximise efficiency.
  • A standard service platform provides safer and easier access during routine maintenance.
  • ESAC is the best option for growers who want the efficient and uniform water application that electronic zone control provides.
  • Apply precise amounts of water to defined sections of your field.
  • User-friendly technology.


Wrap Span Speciality Irrigation System

The Reinke Wrap Span allows you to irrigate acres that were off-limits to centre pivot irrigation

There are two configurations of the Wrap Span, namely:

  • Wraps up to 10 degrees - utilises a standard joint
  • ​Wraps up to 90 degrees - uses a span joint that reroutes the water through a flexible coupler


Reinke Drop Span

This speciality irrigation system allows you to easily disconnect one or more, pivot or lateral move spans, and proceed past an obstacle to irrigate previously unreachable acres. It also enables you to pick up an additional span or spans of a different length, if the field widens on the opposite side of the obstacle.

Features Include:

  • Easily disconnect one or more spans
  • Pick up additional spans
  • Adjustable legs which allow the span to be kept off the ground when disconnected
  • Auto-stop function - aligning parent to dropped span


Drive Train Irrigation

The Reinke drive train is engineered to give you years of trouble-free service. Its high efficiency gear motor delivers exceptional torque to propel your system over the roughest terrain and difficult soil conditions. Every detail of the wheel gearbox has been engineered to carry the load of the system, and deliver remarkable strength throughout the field.

Some features of the Drive Train Irrigation System include:

  • New high torque gears enable greater load capacity
  • Extra-long stud bolts allow use with reinforced rims
  • 13-bolt mounting pattern is compatible with most pivot brands
  • Provides years of reliable service

​​Towable Irrigation

Reinke boasts a broad range of towable irrigation models that give you the freedom to move your irrigation system around with ease! These include:

Four-Wheel Pivot Mover

The Four-Wheel Pivot Mover is unique in its ability to quickly adapt to movement in multiple directions. Wheel hubs are mounted on base beams and can be quickly swivelled 90 degrees. Plus, the quick hitch can be moved to any side for easy towing.

Two-Wheel Kwik Tow

The Two-Wheel Kwik Tow sets the standard for short field towable pivot systems. It's available with a hydraulic lift option as well as a motorized Kwik Tow Kit that allows you to move the system laterally for short distances.

Reverse Tow Steering Linkage

​When the system needs to be towed from the end-boom side, the Reverse Tow is the best fit. It's only available from Reinke.

​Towable Gearbox

Like the non-towable version, it also possesses the same high-quality features and components. ​This gear box gives the towable systems flexibility to be moved around to different locations.


How Much Does a Farm Irrigation System Cost?

To find the specialty farm irrigation system that you’re looking for from the experts, find a dealer near you to supply everything you need, from irrigation systems, to advice, and more. For these and other agricultural products and suppliers, visit our directory.

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