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MiPower’s Wind Power Solution


Whichever wind turbine or service you need – we have what you need to maximize your return on investment while leading the industry in delivering a lower cost of energy for everyone.

Our unique combination of wind turbines, controllers and inverters can assist with pumping water from borehole eliminating running cost by up to 100%.

For thousands of years people have used windmills and the energy derived from wind to pump water and to grind corn. After a breakthrough by scientists, wind can now also be used to generate electricity. Wind energy, like solar energy, is a free renewable energy source and will never run out.

The amount of energy that can be extracted from the wind depends on its speed. The higher the wind speed, the more energy can be harnessed to generate electricity on a large scale. 





Every site faces challenges, which call for the right choice. Our staff and engineers have unparalleled expertise in performing the precise calculations necessary to ensure we can help you to select the right wind turbine and configuration for your project. In addition, every site’s unique challenges create a need for flexible service solution packages. By utilizing our comprehensive care and maintenance offerings, you enable lifetime availability and maximized Return on investments.

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