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Two Major Issues That Are Costing Farmers And How To Resolve Them

As a farmer, you deal with different kinds of pressures than a corporate business man. While the in-office man is looking at the stock market and its global exchange, a farmer’s primary focus is on livestock and crop growth.

Since these incontrollable factors are proving to have a dynamic impact on our food supply and our economy’s strength, innovative engineers are designing and improving technology to aid the unfortunate circumstances that farmers deal with. Here are two ways that farmers can improve their success rate and make up for losses.

Theft and predators

City folk tend to forget the important contribution of livestock to the economy, especially in rural areas. Livestock feeds the poor, supplies our supermarkets with bulk meat and not to mention, it has a dominant impact on the natural fertilisation of land. Losing livestock to theft, stray dogs and other predators is an unnecessary stress that farmers deal with and it sets off a chain of other stresses across the farming community.

The Celmax collar is an example of innovative technology that can help farmers deal with these unfortunate events. It is worn by cows, sheep, goats, horses and other cattle and immediately alarms the farmer on his cellphone if livestock is being stolen or attacked by unwelcome visitors.

Poor quality irrigation

With South Africa’s draught being the worst of the century, farmers are anticipating better technology to support the struggle they face with keeping their lands fruitful.

Centre pivot irrigation has always been a saving grace to using water effectively, especially when availability is scarce. Not only is rainfall scarce, but it has also become sporadic, so it is economically viable for farmers to rely on proper water distribution to fields. However, you want to make sure you are investing into the right product. A pivot system should not present numerous breakages and technical malfunctions, otherwise return on investment will remain poor. 

Choosing your pivot system is a long-term commitment. A high quality centre-pivot irrigation should:
- Have main structure trusses that are made of quality pipe.
- Regulate electricity supply according to selected rate of water application.
-Have excellent radio communication units and networking systems
-Be able to move across fields easily without getting stuck.
-Not use copper cables, as these are at risk of being stolen.
See technical video that explains the key factors of excellent centre-pivot irrigation further.

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