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Empowering The South African Farming Community

Empowering The South African Farming Community

South Africa is host to a dynamic farming landscape ranging from livestock to a variety of crops distinct to each region around the country.

As farmers regularly attest to, farming in South Africa is challenging and the growing concern around environmental and green issues adds to the pressure experienced by all within the agricultural industry.

Tricon Environmental is geared to empower the farming community by offering specific environmental services that aid farmers in optimising their farming and agricultural operations. 

The close relationship between Tricon Environmental and the Department of Water and Sanitation enables efficient attendance to all environmental aspects that require licensing and authorisation. This close relationship alleviates the frustrations of the farming community when dealing with government departments and places Tricon Environmental as the Experts in Water and Environmental Licensing and Authorisations.

Tricon Environmental focuses its expertise in five key areas which include:

1 - Dam Registrations

In addition to new dam registrations, Tricon Environmental assists in the planning and application of categories 1,2 and 3 dams, Failed Dams and Existing dams.

2- Water Rights Licensing and Transfers

Water Use Rights and Water Transfer Applications can be a tricky process. Tricon Environmental assists the farming community with the Pre-Application, Technical Reports, Assessments and Finalisation of the WULA process, easing the stress and strain of a busy farmer that needs these applications and licenses to be transferred or awarded.

3 - Environmental Impact Assessments

Tricon Environmental plays a key role in assessing the environmental impacts of farming activities within specific agricultural operations throughout South Africa. From initial Screening to Licensing and Monitoring to the 7 requirements that are essential to carrying out an accurate Environmental Impact Assessment. 

4 - Geo-hydraulic Studies

Hydrogeology (hydro- meaning water, and -geology meaning the study of the Earth) is the area of geology that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth’s crust (commonly in aquifers). The Tricon Environmental geo-hydrological assessment is to determine the main potential issues and impacts of the receiving groundwater for the farming environment.


5 - and Borehole Testing

Regularly testing the quality of your borehole water is a vital component of keeping a safe and reliable water source. The results of the tests enable farmers to accurately address the problems with a water supply. Tricon Environmental take special care to ensure accurate borehole testing standards that produce reliable results that help farmers make informed decisions concerning water availability related to their farming needs.

These services enable the farming community to comply with regulations that impact each agricultural requirement.

For the past 9 years, Tricon Environmental has helped the South African Agricultural Industry comply with Water Use Requirements and increase the value of farms by prolonging productivity.

Contact Tricon Environmental for all your agricultural and environmental needs. 

012 111 9060

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