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Road Freight Services: What Is It?

Road freight services is the transportation of cargo by road using a motorized vehicle. Essentially, the ‘road’ is the route between the place of loading and the place of unloading. Road freight services is a crucial part of South African logistics as in many circumstances it is the only way to transport goods to rural areas. So next time you experience a wave of road rage when you see countless trucks on the highway, remember, it’s thanks to them we can lounge on the couch while doing our Christmas shopping.


Types of Road Transport

The type of road transport is determined by the nature of the cargo, the size of the shipment, and the distance traveled. The professionals at LTG Logistics Transport Globally (Pty) Ltd can help you determine exactly which one of the following transportation types works best for you.


Curtain Sided Transportation

Curtain-sided transportation is the most common method of road transportation. A curtain side truck is a flatbed truck with square frames. The frame creates false walls where a tarp can be secured. This method of transportation offers both protection with the skeleton structure as well as flexibility with the flatbed.


Temperature Controlled Transportation

As the name suggests, this transportation type is used to transport cargo that is sensitive to temperature conditions. The temperature of the cargo has to be diligently monitored and controlled to ensure that the value of the cargo isn’t affected. So, you can rest easy knowing that all your favorite fruits, vegetables and most importantly ice creams are delivered with caution and care.


Box Truck Transportation

Box truck transportation or also frequently referred to as containerized transportation got its name from its shape. This is because it includes an enclosed cargo space. This transportation type has more places to safely secure large cargo when compared to curtain-sided transportation.


Flatbed Transportation

Flatbed transportation is basically curtain-sided transportation without the frame, only the bed. The flatbed’s design is specifically created to allow forklifts and cranes to load and unload cargo from all angles onto the flatbed transportation.


Project Cargo Transportation

Project cargo is a unique form of road freight, only used if necessary and when abnormally large cargo needs to be delivered. These cargoes are usually extremely heavy in weight and loaded onto a flatbed to be transported.


Car Carrying Trailer

Car carrying trailers is an easy and efficient way to transport cars by truck. These trailers usually have a double-decker design both equipped with built-in ramps for the loading and off-loading of cars. The ramps are powered by hydraulics which raise and lower the ramp levels.


Road Freight Company

Road freight companies specialize in transporting cargo or freight, from one destination to another. Road freight companies often also work in several different variant industry sectors. LTG for example, operates in the automotive, aviation, perishable, mining, general logistics, and warehouse distribution sectors.


Why the Right Road Freight Company Is so Important

The goal of any business, no matter how big or small, is to grow and expand. Usually, that means expanding nationally or even globally. Effective logistics helps your business save money and time when moving products from one destination to another.


Logistics and freight transport services are complex and sensitive, and the demands of each cargo is ever-changing. When road freight services are done right, it might give the impression that it’s fairly straightforward. However, on closer inspection, you’ll realise a great deal of special knowledge, professional management, and skills are needed to make it look “effortless”.


A supply chain cannot promise high value if it is not effectively managed by industry experts. Therefore, the right logistics company is the most crucial factor when a business is trying to deliver a quality service. Don’t be fooled by the end results of effective logistics – a lot goes into freight transportation to get it to flow smoothly. So, if you’re looking to grow your business and add value to your supply chain LTG might be the right fit for you.


LTG Logistics Transport Globally (Pty) Ltd is a leading international freight management and supply chain company, offering its clients a personalised service with dedicated hubs for all their global logistics and freight requirements.


At AGRIFOODSA.INFO, we recommend contacting LTG for safe, smooth, and reliable freight management solutions.

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