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Centre Pivot Irrigation: What Is It

Centre pivot irrigation systems have been reliable irrigation mechanisms for decades. When compared to other irrigation systems, such as flood irrigation, the centre pivot irrigation mechanism results in higher yields and less water loss.

Centre pivot irrigation systems, as the name implies, irrigate in a circular fashion around a central pivot point. Pivots may spray water, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. This irrigation system provides the versatility that other irrigation technologies can’t, and improves efficiency and water management while providing a high economic return.


Centre Pivot Irrigation Components

Centre Pivot Irrigation systems consist of the following components:


  • Pivot Point: The pivot point secures the irrigation system in a fixed spot within the field. The pivot point does not only act as an anchor, but it also holds a system of subcomponents that contribute to the pivot's overall functioning. The subcomponents of the pivot point include pivot legs, riser pipe, pivot swivel, control panel, J-pipe, and collector rings


  • Control Panel: The control panel is the brain of the irrigation system. This panel allows the operator to manage the system by delivering orders to the tower boxes located on each driving unit. The control panel regulates the pivot's starting, stopping, forward and backward movement, as well as regulates water usage.


  • Spans: Spans are the foundation of the entire centre pivot irrigation structure. Spans are made up of pipes that transport water to the field via the pivot's sprinkler system.


  • Drive Units: This structure is commonly known as the “towers” of the system. This unit controls the machine's movement. Each drive unit is made up of a drive motor, gearboxes, wheels, and a tower box, which is an electrical control box.


  • Tower Boxes: Each system has a tower box that utilises an array of components to control alignment and pivot movement. Each tower box receives 120 and 480 volts of alternating power (VAC) through span cables. When the 120VAC control circuit signals the tower boxes to move, they transmit 480VAC to the driving motors.


 3 Types of Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems

Reinke, an independent company that guarantees the building of great irrigation systems, offers 3 different types of centre pivot irrigation systems. What makes these Reinke systems so special is the fact they are built with high strength materials that weigh less, ensuring less strain on the drive train and many years of quality labour.

These three types of centre pivot irrigation systems include and Electrogater ΙΙ, Alumigator, and Minigator.


Electrogater ΙΙ

The Electrogater ΙΙ irrigation system is built using only A-grade materials and designed to tolerate any force or stress put on them by the pivot system, in any field conditions.

High-strength steel utilised in Electrogator II pivots’ systems is up to 50% stronger than the steel used in rival irrigation systems. As a result, a high-strength structure that weighs up to 20% less is produced.

Click here to discover what other benefits and special features the Electrogater ΙΙ has in store!



The Alumigator is the world's very first aluminum centre pivot. The Alumigator is regarded as being top-tier because of its lightweight design (rival all-steel systems can weigh up to 60% more) and its ability to almost erase wheel tracks.


When compared to an all-steel system, these systems provide great corrosion resistance, by combining marine-grade aluminum water pipes with a high-strength galvanized system framework.



Minigator has been developed to be a more affordable alternative for smaller, irregular-shaped fields, field corners, and fields with reduced water supply. It's a tried-and-true workhorse engineered to provide you with years of trouble-free use. The Minigator is equipped with the same high-quality components as our Electrogator II.


Are Centre Pivot Irrigations Good?

The benefits of a Centre Pivot irrigation system include:

  • Precise Application: Apply a predetermined amount of water to meet crop watering requirements.
  • Low Labour Requirements: In general, labour requirements are lower than for surface irrigation.
  • Fertigation Opportunities: Fertigation enables the targeted delivery of tiny amounts of nutrients and minimal chance of nutrient loss. Herbicides and insecticides can also be applied through the irrigation system.


How Much Does a Centre Pivot Irrigation System Cost?

The price for a centre pivot irrigation system will differ depending on various factors. At AgriFoodSA we recommend finding a Reinke dealer to ensure that your centre pivot irrigation system is the best in the business! 

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