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The Dangers of Neglected Mechanical Implements in your Agricultural Vehicle

Mechanisation implements, like tractors and hydraulic bale loaders, need to be well-maintained in the same manner as road vehicles would be, to ensure functioning vehicles.

The Dangers of a Broken Coil

Coil or suspension springs stabilise a vehicle and act as its hydraulic suspension. It will eventually start to drop when the coils depreciate in time. Tyre shops will notify know if you are within your vehicle’s range of measurement for safe coil height. Nonetheless, it can still result in poor handling and tyre wear.

The paint on the coil wears and the metal underneath rusts. It may cause the suspension to simply dip if the break is near the top or bottom of the coil.  However, if the break is on the side, close enough to the tyre, the sharp metal can tear through the sidewall of a tyre and cause it to burst.

This is especially dangerous when driving because it can lead to a serious accident. Maintain your vehicle and have its coils checked regularly to ensure the safety of the driver and the longevity of the machine.

The Dangers of a Broken Shock Absorber

The shock coil is responsible for absorbing the bounces and bumps that would occur while driving without it. It forces oil to travel through a small restriction. A common shock failure is an oil leak and this causes a vehicle to bounce and lose traction. The loss of traction is dangerous because your steering and braking will be impaired.

The Dangers of a Broken Strut

A strut and shock serve the same purpose but are two separate parts, one cannot be a replacement for the other. In layman's terms, a strut is a larger shock absorber and it is responsible for aligning the spindle. If your strut deteriorates you will notice your tires are shaky and vibrate after the smallest of bumps. It is also characterised by a bumpy ride and a loss of traction.

If you have your tractor serviced often, these should seldom be a problem, for expert advice and services contact us today. We will keep your agricultural vehicle in tip-top condition.

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