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The Best Thing to Happen to Crops… Since Rain

Built by farmers for farmers, CropX soil monitoring sensor is far more than a tool – it’s an easy-to-install power move that puts next-level crop control in the palm of your hands. Each sensor leverages thousands of data points above and below ground—including soil health, crop behaviour, precise weather patterns, topography maps and more—to maximize the performance of your Reinke irrigation system.



CropX auto-optimizes your Reinke irrigation scheduling by reading thousands of data points in real time to maximize your yield and minimize waste.

Cutting-edge wireless connectivity even in remote areas offering satellite, LoRaWAN® and cellular connectivity.

The only affordable solution for all crop types – no setup costs or other infrastructural limitations.

Proprietary spiral design offers unparalleled accuracy to predict input needs and create zone-specific nitrogen application recommendations

Self-calibration and easy installation get you up and running in minutes and provide scalable deployment in record time.



Whether you control 400 acres or 4,000, CropX integration through Reinke’s ReinCloud® software platform creates a complete solution for understanding your crops and controlling your irrigation with power and precision.


Organize your operation by property, zone and equipment, so you can quickly monitor and control numerous pivots at one time.

From high-level data to in-depth graphs, ReinCloud + CropX crunch the numbers so you can make informed decisions on the go.

Stay informed and connected on any device whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer


See how ReinCloud puts you in control anytime, anywhere at


Grower Testimonials:

"I am excited to finally have a reliable way to measure soil moisture in the root zone."

​~ ​Corn, Indiana


"I won't irrigate without it."

~ ​Potato, Michigan


"Only word I can say is WOW! Thanks, you so much for your help on this

successful season."

​~ Soybeans, Mississippi



Every Reinke pivot is backed by our industry-leading warranty and constructed with high-strength steel and ReinCoat® galvanized coatings. That’s what makes Reinke the name you trust for industry-leading products and innovative solutions built to maximize your fields’ productivity season after season.

Pinpoint in-soil data from CropX integrated with ReinCloud® platform and world-class Reinke pivot systems provide the world’s finest irrigation scheduling.

Begin your reign today by visiting your local Reinke dealer.


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