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Agricultural Machinery: The Gateway To Profitable Crop Farming

Success in agriculture isn’t about what you farm with anymore, but more about how well you can farm with it. Especially with crop farming, it is important to have agricultural machinery that enables you to plant and harvest as much and as efficiently as possible.

Accurate planting

The first step in any crop production cycle is to plant. Modern systems exist which allow you to plant accurately and efficiently. Modern agricultural machinery such as seed drills can be set to plant for you while you drive, reaching planting rates of 500 kg/Ha in some cases. That is by far more efficient, quick and economical than planting by hand!

Protection for your crops

Once your seeds have been planted, protecting them all the way through to harvest season is vital to your final yield. That’s where mounted and trailed field sprayers come in handy.

This agricultural machinery is used in conjunction with a tractor and is used to extend boom arms lined with sprayers over many rows of crops to either side. This allows you to spray your crops accurately without the risk of winds interfering as in the use of crop duster planes and it saves you the time of having to manually go from row to row with a handheld sprayer. Also, the reduced traffic from being able to cover such a wide area protects your soil against increased compaction.

The ISOBUS standard

A major concern for many farmers when it comes to modern agricultural machinery is whether or not all their devices – such as planters, ploughs and sprayers – will be able to work together, or even as well as promised.

LEMKEN are international specialists in these technologies, and they are supplying fully ISO 11783 compliant machinery to the South African. ISO 11783 is an international software standard for quality control systems in agricultural and forestry vehicles, designed to ensure interoperability of data transfer between tractors and various implements.

By using the ISOBUS software protocol they ensure that all their machinery ISO 11783 compliant, which means that you are getting quality machinery which is designed to be accurately and effectively controlled to boost your productivity and profits. And, should you need any spare machinery parts or so, the after sales division handles everything from spares to services.

Need something else?

Have a look at our directory for an extensive list of contacts for agricultural services and products. Whatever you need, you are bound to find it here. You are also welcome to contact us should you have any other questions.

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