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Our objective:

To establish early feeding and drinking behaviour to allow the target body weight to be achieved with maximum uniformity and good welfare.


Good Uniformity in Broilers

Key Points

  • Provide young chicks with the best possible environment and follow recommended temperature, humidity, lighting and feeder space to establish healthy feeding and drinking behaviour.
  • During brooding, arrange feeders, drinkers, heaters, and fans to ensure chicks find feed and water easily while maintaining body temperature and preventing dehydration.
  • Houses should be pre-heated and the temperature stabilized for 24 hours prior to chick arrival.
  • Temperature and relative humidity should be monitored closely to ensure a uniform environment throughout brooding.


Water Management

Key Points:

Fresh clean Drinking water should be available at all times.

  • Provide supplementary drinkers for the first 3 days after placement.
  • Monitor the ratio of feed to water daily to check that the birds are drinking a sufficient amount.
  • Provide adequate drinker space and ensure that the drinkers are accessible to the entire flock.
  • Maintain clean, fresh drinking water throughout the life of the flock.


Feed Management

Key Points

Crumbled feed should be provided for the first 10 days and fed on paper for the first 3 days

  • Insufficient feeding space will reduce growth rates and cause poor uniformity.
  • Incorrect feeder adjustment can increase feed spillage and affect feed conversion.
  • Uneven feed distribution can result in poorer performance and increased
  • competition at feeders


Light Management

Key Points

Correct lighting programs are critical for growing broilers. Consider:

  • Light distribution
  • Light intensity
  • Duration of light and dark period
  • Check local welfare regulations when using a lighting program


Stocking Density

Key Points

  • Adjust density to allow for the age and weight at slaughter.
  • Reduce stocking density if house temperatures cannot be achieved due to hot weather or inadequate ventilation.
  • Adjust the ventilation and feeder and drinker space per bird when stocking density changes



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Ross Poultry Breeders Proud Distributor Of The World’s No1 Broiler Brand