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SA’s Best Loved Heavy Equipment and Agricultural Machinery Brands

It’s the month of love, and we would like to introduce you to your potential matches for you to love and to use, with guaranteed quality and world-class performance. Meet the mechanisation brands that have kept many farmers and multiple industries satisfied in South Africa.


Caterpillar, also commonly known as Cat, is a popular manufacturer of high quality heavy machinery and mechanisation implements, well known and used worldwide. Although not geared specifically towards the agricultural industry, the construction machinery is still widely used on farms across the world. Cat, a USA brand, is also known to have an excellent product support system.

John Deere

Another force from the USA, John Deere’s construction and agricultural machinery is popularly used across multiple industries. Designed to perform in harsh conditions, the tractors and other mechanisation implements manufactured by John Deere make such perfect matches for farmers due to outstanding performance and cost-effective maintenance.


A proudly South African manufacturer and distributor, Bell Equipment provides the agricultural, mining and construction markets with high-quality and innovative heavy equipment assets. Bell also offers distinguished customer service support and is a well-loved supplier both locally and globally.


JCB is a British agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer. This company produces over 300 types of machines, including diggers, tractors, and diesel engines. JCB’s heavy machinery is widely distributed across South Africa and continuously provides high performing mechanisation solutions to multiple industries.

Looking For an Affordable Agricultural Machinery Upgrade Solution?

If you would like to upgrade or expand on your fleet of heavy mechanisation equipment, look for a trusted supplier of quality used equipment like Murotron Machine Sales. Used equipment dealers and suppliers who are specialists across multiple industries offer a wide range of the popular brands that will give you a lifetime of unrivalled performance.

Tip: Use SA’s biggest agricultural directory, Agrifood SA, to find trusted local suppliers of your required equipment and mechanisation implements.

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