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Why You Should Consider Forklift Truck

Why You Should Consider Forklift Truck

Forklifts are small industrial trucks that are typically used in warehouses or large storage facilities. They make moving large products from point A to point B easy as well as loading and unloading trucks. They also ensure that this is done quickly and efficiently which makes keeping up with industry demands possible.

Forklifts are quickly becoming a must-have for many businesses; however, it is an expensive piece of machinery to invest in. In this article, we will discuss why you should rather consider forklift truck rentals and what effect this could have on your business.


How Does a Forklift Rental Work?

As forklifts are quite expensive to purchase, and one does not always need a large amount of them, renting a forklift could be a good idea. Companies that experience an influx of orders and inventory over certain seasons might find it more beneficial to rent a forklift rather than purchase one and let it gather dust in quiet periods.

It is possible to rent a forklift for a day or even for a long period of time. Some forklift rental companies even allow you to sign a lease for up to five years.


The Benefits of Renting a Forklift

You might be wondering what the benefits of renting a forklift could be and why some companies opt for long-term rentals. Some of the rental benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost-Effective: It is much cheaper to rent a forklift, especially when you opt for a short-term lease.
  • Flexibility: It is possible to receive a forklift within a day of ordering one from a rental company, giving a company a large amount of flexibility when it comes to expanding their business and accepting a larger workload in intermittent intervals.
  • No Maintenance: When one rents a forklift the services are performed for you by the forklift rental company, meaning that you do not have to pay for the maintenance yourself or worry about your forklift failing due to poor maintenance.


Forklift Equipment Rental 

It is possible to rent more than just a forklift. There are many other forklift parts that can be added to your order, depending on your needs. Common forklift equipment rentals include forklift batteries as well as different types of attachments.



You can buy forklift batteries, but why would you if you don't need to. As with forklift rentals, there is more flexibility when one rents a forklift battery. It allows you to scale the number of batteries on hand for short-term intervals and is much cheaper than buying a new battery that isn't used for most of the year. It is also more environmentally friendly to rent batteries when they are needed.



Depending on what needs to be transported, there are different forklift attachments that should be used for maximum efficiency. Some forklift attachments include, but are not limited to:

  • Side Shifter: this is a very common attachment that is typically used to move loads from side to side instead of forwards and backwards. This makes it possible to make adjustments to the alignment of the load.
  • Fork Positioner: This attachment adjusts the position of the fork, which makes it possible to quickly change between loads with differing widths.
  • Paper Clamps: this attachment is specifically designed for the paper and printing industry as they do not damage paper while lifting and transporting it.
  • Fork Extensions: This attachment allows you to extend your forklift forks for loads that are extra-long and need more balance.
  • Rotators: This is used in situations where a load must be picked up from one side be put down in an inverted direction.


Forklift Rental Price

Forklift rental prices differ, depending on the type of forklift you are renting (whether it is old or new) and whether you are adding any bells or whistles to the order. It also depends on the length of time you will be renting the forklift.


At AgrifoodSA we have done the research and can recommend LIFTCOR for those looking for a forklift rental company in Gauteng. To find out more about LIFTCOR, visit the AgrifoodSA directory.

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