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Generator Service and Repairs: Why It’s Important

Power outages and load-shedding have been and continue to be a big problem in South Africa. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there will be a light at the end of the tunnel any time soon. This has left South African business owners with a large problem to solve. Bringing business production to a standstill for two, four, or six hours at a time can be financially detrimental to a company.

Because of the intermittent lack of power, alternative power solutions have become essential in any business plan. Even though there are various alternative power solutions available, generators are the most common and reliable option available. In this article we will discuss the importance of generator service and repairs, to ensure your alternative power solution last you as long as possible.


The Benefits of Generators

Generators offer a multitude of benefits to a business that makes it the perfect option to ensure that your business thrives while power is an issue in South Africa.

  • Continued Production: Whether it is due to a scheduled load shedding slot or because something went wrong at the power plant, your business will be able to operate at full speed while there is no power availability.
  • Uphold Your Company’s Reputation: Because your business can function as usual you will still be able to provide clients with the service they are used to. No matter the industry, you will be able to make deadlines and continue with business as usual.
  • Prevent Technological Damage: When power is suddenly cut, certain technological devices can experience damage due to hard shutdown. In some cases, this damage can be irreversible. It could also cause a loss of important data that is necessary for a business to function. Some generators can automatically switch on as the power goes off, preventing technological damage and data loss from occurring.
  • Maintained Safety and Security: Crime tends to spike when power outages occur. This is because criminals are aware of security systems being offline, making it easier to succeed at breaking and entering. No need to panic,  a generator will allow security systems to stay online, ensuring that you maintain safety and security.


Types of Generators

There are a few different types of generators, each suitable for different applications.

Single- vs Three-Phase Generators

Both a single- and three-phase generator produces an AC (Alternating Current). What distinguishes the two is that a single-phase generator produces one voltage that is constantly alternating; whereas a three-phase generator produces three waves of AC voltage. These separate waves of voltage function in sequence. This ensures that a three-phase generator never fluctuates in power.

Petrol vs Diesel Generators

There are pros and cons to both diesel and petrol generators. For example, diesel might be the more expensive fuel option; however, diesel generators are more fuel-efficient which means that the same amount of diesel will last longer than its petrol counterpart. Diesel generators are also often used in applications that have consistent and high-power demands.

If the aim is to use a generator infrequently, then a petrol generator might be the right option. They are also less noisy, which could be beneficial in situations where noise pollution affects a business negatively.


The Importance of Generator Maintenance

As with most equipment, it does need to be maintained in order for one to experience maximum longevity and performance. Some of the benefits one will experience by ensuring constant maintenance is performed include:

  • Ensures Reliability: When generators are consistently maintained, one can pick up anything that might cause an issue in the future and ensure that it is in perfect working condition when it is needed.
  • Avoid Fuel Issues: As time goes on and in cases where a generator might not be used frequently, algae build-up, fuel injector clogging and other issues could occur, which could cause long-term damage.
  • Longer Life Expectancy: Consistently taking care of your generator will prevent issues from arising and a generator will be able to last its full life expectancy while performing at its maximum capacity.


Petrol Generator Repairs

If maintenance is not performed regularly or time catches up to your generator, repairs will have to be made. It is important to ensure that whoever is repairing your generator is skilled and experienced. The last thing you want is for the root of the problem not to be fixed or for the repair to be done wrong, causing other issues further down the line.

Jeps Generators have multiple field service generator teams on standby that are able to provide you with on-site assessments, quotes, and repairs.


Generator Service Price

Jeps Generators can provide generator owners with quick, effective, and reliable generator services. Depending on what needs to be done to ensure the “health” of a generator, a quote will be created. Once this quote has been accepted, the service team will go ahead with the service, ensuring you have control over the process.


To find out more about generators and which option would be best suited to your requirements and applications, visit our directory and contact t Jeps Generators

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