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Make Sure That “Pseudo Science” Does Not Trip You

“Frequencies” and “nano fine” may not be what is claimed                                                                    

Dr Pieter Haumann:  CEO,FERTASA                                                                                     

As previously stated, Pseudoscience consists of claims, beliefs, or practices presented as being plausible scientifically, but which are not justifiable by the scientific method.

‎In practice  “Pseudo Science” is the stating of utter nonsense in such a  manner that the victim believes that it is proven scientific fact.

This sort of thing happens regularly since the earliest times of business hence the Latin statement of “Caveat emptor” or buyer beware! As warned previously.



Probably the most  bizarre case  of recent times was  that of the “Boxes”. The perpertrators of this scam preyed upon farmers who have had extremly bad seasons in which crops had  mostly failed due to drought. The claims  regarding the boxes were convincing enough that more than 50 000 ha of lands were subjected to this “treatment”.

Since the boxes there have been claims again regarding certain “Frequencies” that enhance plant growth and get rid of vermin and  even weeds. Watch out for these.

Various claims of products especially very fine or “nano-fine” regularly make their appearance.

Some of these claims are not chemically viable, especially very small amounts ( stated in grams or kilograms ) of the active ingredient which are equivalent to kilogams, and even tons of the same, slightly coarser active ingredient.

If  a Farmers is in doubt of claims made that seem too good to be true, a qualified agronomist regarding such claims should be consulted.



Farmers should not use any “new”and wonderful devices or substances without first insisting on proof of efficacy and evaluating any scientific claims

One of the first people to contact should be associated or working for  a company that is a member of Fertasa.

Acountability ranks highly in companies who are members of  Fertasa. They strive for various principles including:

  • Protection of crop producers against dubious suppliers and
  • Complying with a  Code of Conduct enhancing the integrity of the Fertilizer Industry.


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