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How Beekeeping Equipment Can Simplify Your Practice

How Beekeeping Equipment Can Simplify Your Practice

Everyone has heard about the bee-shortage in recent years and knows that the bees need our help. Bees are an extremely important element of assisting abundant plant cultures and are therefore important to the fabrication of our food sources. Whether it be for animal feed or fruit and veg, we rely on bees to pollinate our crops.

Thus, it is essential that we encourage the growth of the bee population! One of the ways to do this is to start keeping bees yourself. Whether it be for commercial use or personal enjoyment, every bit helps.

Is Beekeeping Hard?

There is a preconceived idea that beekeeping is difficult and daunting task to undertake. Yes, beekeeping is tough but not in the ways that you might think.

  • Beekeeping requires a fair amount of physical strength as hives can be heavy and awkward to move around. Medium hives filled with honey can weigh up to 25kg’s each!
  • Bees are fragile to a degree. They have an abundant source of natural enemies and are quite sensitive to weather. They also have a host of viruses, mites, wax moths and diseases that can be dangerous for them.
  • It should also be mentioned that you need a lot of free time to care for your bees and ensure they are in good condition. They require attention throughout the year and can take between 15 to 30 days of accumulated care per year.

Even though beekeeping can be hard work, it is also extremely rewarding. Beekeeping also becomes a lot easier when you have the right tools and equipment to help you on your journey.


Basic Beekeeping Equipment

There are a few essential beekeeping supplies that every novice beekeeper will need when starting out. Not all of the items are entirely necessary, but they will make your life as a beekeeper a lot easier and yield better results in the long run.


The most important piece of equipment you will need when starting beekeeping is a beehive. This is where your bees will live. You can choose to build or buy one, although it is advisable that you buy one. As mentioned earlier, bees can be fragile, which is why it is important to make sure that the structure they live in is ideal and secure. There is a variety of different hives that are available, and it is up to you to decide which model and brand will work best for your needs.


Frames are rectangular structures that hang inside of the hive. They allow for bees to build their comb more easily and ensure that you have easy access to every area within the hive. You can think of them like filing system, allowing you to retrieve each “sleeve” easily.

Hive Tool

You will find that your bees will “glue” any crevice’s together with propolis. This can make it hard to get into the hive which is why a hive tool is so handy. It allows you to easily open the top of the hive in areas that it might have been sealed shut.


A smoker will be your best friend. Bee-smokers are used to fill the beehive with smoke before you start handling your bees or working with the hive. It calms them down, lessening the risk of being stung.

Bee Brush

A bee brush isn’t essential, but will make your life easier. When removing your frames, bees are bound to be on the frame. You can get most of them off by gently shaking the frame but not all will release their grip. This is where your bee brush comes in handy, allowing you to brush off the excess bees without injuring them.

Bee Feeders

Your bees might need some help when it comes to feeding. As winter creeps in, they might struggle to find enough sustenance. It is important to invest in a bee feeder to help them through the hard months.

Appropriate Clothing

Appropriate clothing is essential when working with bees. Bees aren’t generally intentionally aggressive, but they will try to protect their hive and their queen, and so, you need to invest in a suit, veil, gloves and boots. This will keep the bees from crawling onto your skin or into your clothes and will prevent them from stinging you.

Beekeeping equipment for sale

Beekeeping is a fun, sustainable and productive hobby that could prevent a drastic decline in food production in the future. With the right equipment and research, it can become relaxing and “easy”. Visit our agricultural directory and find out more about where to find beekeeping equipment.


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