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How Agricultural Machinery Has Changed Farming

Agriculture in South Africa is no joke. It takes a lot of heavy lifting and near back-breaking work to get everything that needs to be done completed on time. Before we had machinery this was done by farm workers and some work animals. However, today farming in South Africa relies on plant equipment to get the big jobs done right.

What Has Changed?

Before the industrial revolution, people used farming to be self-sufficient with limited agricultural products. As subsistence farmers – people who live on the food they grow for themselves – families relied on their own land to feed the household. There was perhaps a mule, horse or oxen to help if you were lucky.

Today that has all changed. With the introduction of machinery into all sectors, agriculture was among the first industries to benefit from the advances made rapidly in the wake of the industrial revolution. The economic, population and technological boom meant that more food could be produced with a helping hand from groundbreaking machinery.

The Modern Muscle Of Agricultural Products

Machinery has changed the face of agricultural products forever. Even ones that have existed for centuries have been given a much need upgrade, like the plough. The plough was used as early as 3500 B.C.E as a wedge-shaped implement dragged by oxen. This cultivated the soil and readied it for sowing seeds, planting or to turn the soil.

This was replaced with modern tractor ploughing which can do the same job in virtually a tenth of the time. Unlike animals and people working in fields, machinery doesn’t get tired. With multiple rows, a tractor simply drives down a field and the job is done.

Chop And Change To Get The Job Done

With all the options available when it comes to agricultural practices you need a reliable supplier that can give you exactly what you need to keep all your projects on schedule. If a part of your agricultural vehicle breaks then you don’t want to have to replace the entire thing. Then we might as well go back to the old ways of farming where when your oxen died you needed to buy a new one.

Machinery is a little bit more resilient than work animals were and luckily there are reliable sources to buy anything you may need from Custom Plant Solutions. You can buy any truck part of any make you may require to keep your farming in South Africa feeding the people.

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