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Agriplas: Make every drop count

Agriculture is the lifeblood of civilization, and the lifeblood of agriculture is water. Human beings cannot survive without either of these things. People have become innovators on how to better use water in agriculture, this much is evident in the Agriplas values and products.


Filtration systems in agriculture provide better water quality. And better quality water on the crops results in better quality produce. Many different materials and sizes are available to fit different irrigation systems with a range of flow rates.

They do not require cumbersome tools to be extracted from the filter housing and can simply be rinsed and replaced. Filters play a crucial role in ensuring all water pumps run smoothly without blockages which could lead to burst pipes and wasted water.

Scheduling equipment

A leading factor in improving water-efficiency factors is scheduling equipment. Having the ability to schedule your irrigation systems can cut out hundreds of litres of water that would otherwise have been wasted.

Plants only need a certain amount of water depending on what they are and the conditions they are growing in. If the irrigation system runs longer than it needs to you run the risk of drowning the crops or even unearthing them.

Gulf automation equipment

This is technology that can be used to set up cycles to wirelessly control the irrigation of up to 48 zones. In the world of agricultural products these systems are so advanced, you can even schedule in a rain delay of up to seven days to take advantage of the rains when they arrive.

Gulf irrigation controllers can give each zone a name and its own cycles to ensure hectares of different crops are getting the irrigation they need without waste. All operations are constantly visible on screen and can even show you the amount of watering time left in each zone. This time can be set from anywhere between one minute and fifteen hours.

The ability to split your land into zones means you can effectively grow multiple crops by simply customising the system to suit their irrigation needs on the Gulf automation equipment.

All you need is access to a computer and you can virtually control your entire farm’s irrigation with one system. The system is wireless, efficient and eco-friendly. Trust Agriplas as your irrigation suppliers for a more efficient and greener tomorrow.

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