Why Health and Financial Services are Important

Regardless of your financial position, it’s imperative to have a safety net to fall back on. Whether as a company, or an individual, there has to be a system in place that provides financial security for any unplanned for events and occurrences.

Health and Financial Services for Your Company

Providing for unexpected healthcare shortfalls and expenses can take its toll on any company, regardless of whether it’s a large corporation or a two-man band. With the right health and financial service scheme, employers can provide entry-level cover for both part-time and seasoned employees. Custom financial solutions have become somewhat of a trend, owing to the volatile economy and varying costs of labour, so it makes sense to invest into a company that fully understands these needs and caters for them accordingly.

Some of the benefits of having a health and financial service provider as a company include:  

  • It can be used to provide for added cover in conjunction with medical scheme benefits 
  • Employees can contribute a chosen monthly amount according to their budget
  • The service funds earn market-related interest that employers can benefit from
  • Funds can only be used at medical providers, so they can’t take advantage
  • Should the employee leave, funds will remain with the employer
  • The annual pay-out option can be used as a year-end employee bonus

Some of the benefits of having a health and financial service provider as an individual include: 

  • Save money according to your budget
  • Earn market-related interest
  • Annual pay-out option at the end of each year  

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