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What Is Irrigation Systems Monitoring?

Water Quantity

Irrigation systems have one function, namely to provide the right amount of water to space and area in order to improve or maintain the area’s health.

When it comes to water quantity, too much or not enough water will have pretty much the same effect on the grass or vegetation.

These areas are very sensitive and require the right amount of water, at the right time and within multiple periods in the day in order to thrive.

Irrigation systems monitoring is provided in order to ensure that the area is getting the right amount of water as regularly as it needs to, while also tracking which spaces need more or less focus.

Pump Pressure, Temperature and Watering Times

Irrigation systems monitoring has a lot of features, including the analysis of the pressure of the pumps, looking at whether or not the pressure is too low or too high, which affects the pressure of the water coming out.

Too low and the spread of the water will be small, too high and the area being watered will be sprayed way too hard, which will do worse, in terms of damaging the area, than good.

The temperature of the water is also analysed and regulated by the irrigation systems monitoring as the right temperature will provide the results which you are looking for.

On top of this, the monitoring system is also designed to look at the best watering times for the overall area and specific spaces to maximise health and development.


The Valve

When looking at an irrigation system, you need to also look at the valve as if the valve is not working in the correct way, either it is loose, leaking water which is a waste, or it could be that it is not releasing enough water, among more problems, the monitoring will pick this up.

Irrigation systems monitoring will be able to give data on what exactly is going on with the system at hand, as well as state whether or not it can be improved or if it needs to be replaced.

Regardless of this, there will always be a monitoring system in place in order to check if the irrigation system is working at an optimum level.


Taking a look at the filters, and whether or not they are filtering the water, as well as any chemicals in the water correctly, the monitoring system will look for any flaws in the mechanism.

The same approach is taken here, as Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems will look to improve upon the filters, most probably by replacing them, as to get the most out of your system.

A full diagnostic check will always highlight issues and with irrigation system audits, you will know where your current system stands.


Water Distribution

If the water distribution is off, the entire landscape may not be receiving the right amount of water that it needs in order to remain healthy.

Using an irrigation controller alongside the monitoring system will ensure that the water distribution is being fully controlled, providing not only the right spread but also the right amount of water per square metre of the land.

Be sure to contact someone at Turfmanzi for more information on how we are able to assist you on improving your area of the landscape.

Irrigation systems monitoring may seem complicated, however, the entire function will make everything run a lot smoother.


Water Speed

On top of the spread that the irrigation system is providing, the speed of the water is also very important, some spaces may need water to be slower or faster, depending on the delicate nature of the area.

Irrigation systems monitoring will be able to adjust the speeds in order to efficiently and effectively water certain spaces in a way which may be different to other spaces.

Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems enjoy this part as it is almost like working out a difficult math problem,  or a puzzle, finding the right piece for each area of your landscape.


Flow Of Water in Drip Lines

Using an irrigation controller is a huge plus as it is also able to look at the drip lines, and see if the pressure of water going through is substantial or not.

If the pressure is too low, then the effectiveness of the entire line is pretty much going to waste.

However, if the water pressure is too high, as mentored above the pressure could be negatively affecting the grass or vegetation.

Adding to this, the drip line could also be under too much pressure, breaking it, which will firstly not allow the drip line to function correctly, as well secondly, it has to be replaced.

Depending on the surface area which it is being used for, the drip lines may cost a lot to replace.


Remote Monitoring


Having to have people come in everyday and self monitor each section of the system is a waste of time and in many ways is counterproductive.

When using remote monitoring, you are able to add monitors to the system and specific parts in order to provide irrigation systems monitoring in a simple way.

What this does is allow the Turfmanzi team to come on-site when they need to fix, maintain or replace the systems or parts, rather than coming over to simply monitor the system.

This saves time and money, as well as keeping the productivity of the system at a high, only requiring changes when a problem is spotted.


Wireless Monitoring

With the invention of wireless monitoring, the entire irrigation systems monitoring has become a lot easier to install and understand, where data is being captured and stored much faster.

The irrigation controller works off of the monitoring system, allowing small changes to be made where it has to before an entire irrigation system is removed and replaced by another one.

Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems looks at practicality before profit before replacing an entire system.

Tracking Overall Area

The irrigation controller and monitoring system is able to track the development and efficiency of the overall system, looking at what can be improved and what is doing just fine.

As mentioned above an entire diagnostic of the whole system and all of its parts are looked at and analysed before coming to any conclusions.

Looking at what the area needs rather than just giving it a carbon copy irrigation system programme is the approach which Turfmanzi takes, as they know that not every area is the same, and not every landscape needs the same amount of treatment.

If you give your grass and vegetation the right amount of attention and care, you will see positive development in a short amount of time, also allowing you to spend more time on other activities, whether you are a business or a homeowner.


Tracking Specific Spaces

Another feature of irrigation systems monitoring is that where it looks at the overall picture of the landscape and area, it will also be taking into account the specific spaces of the landscape.

This helps Turfmanzi in creating a plan for individual areas which will bring these areas onto the same level as the rest of the landscape as to creating an overall look and feel of health.

Not only does it look and feel healthier, but the entire area is also becoming healthier and this allows the spread and growth of much stronger and better grass and vegetation.


Benefits Of Irrigation Systems Monitoring

Automation Of Sprinklers

The luxury of having a self-timing sprinkler, which will go off at specific times of the day, maximising its effectiveness while also decreasing the overall costs on water fees is something which pretty much anyone can afford.

Apart from this, the self-timing, automated sprinkler system is under the eye of the irrigation system monitoring, highlighting where things can be improved and where water is being used too much.

This is not only more convenient but much more effective in the long term for both the landscape as well as in terms of your back pocket.

Turfmanzi has a focus on improving your area, decreasing your overall spend and decreasing your environmental impact.


Increase Effectiveness of Water Consumption

With regards to the environmental impact of water consumption, when taking aa look at the limit we have on water use, using water for irrigation systems can in some ways be seen as wasting water.

This may be a valid point, but only really if the system which is using the water is not using it in a proactive and effective way.

What this means is that although using large amounts of water may not be a good thing, the irrigation systems monitoring actually looks at how the water use can be limited, decreasing the water consumption and only using what is necessary, rather than flooding areas.

Taking this stance, Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems looks to try and help you decrease your water consumption, where both you and Turfmanzi are able to improve our current water shortage situation.


Improving Soil Nutrients

Where the grass and vegetation start to look better and feel better, the important part of the entire need for an irrigation system is the improvement of the soil and the soil nutrients.

When using an irrigation system, the soil needs to be revitalised as it will be the backbone of the growth and development of the area.

On top of this, the soil will be able to provide the area with its nutrients, if the nutrients are not right, space will not be able to develop correctly, however, if it is right, the area will blossom.


Soil Monitoring

Analyse Current State

Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems also provides soil monitoring, by checking the soil to see if it has the right nutrients available.

The irrigation systems monitoring is not solely based on the system and on the area, in terms of the surface, it is also focused on taking a look at the components of the soil.

By doing so, they are able to carefully compile a method to improve the space, including the amount of water and other substances which can help improve the landscape.



The improvements of the soil will ensure that the entire landscape is on the same path of growth and development, this helps to ensure that dry spots or unhealthy spaces are corrected and working with the entire plan, rather than independently sitting as a sore spot.

An irrigation controller will help in terms of providing the best flow of water, at the right times and at regular intervals specific to the situation at hand.

Be sure to contact Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems,  in order to get more information on what can be done to improve your landscape and space, whether this is for your business or home.



After your landscape has been sorted out and is the look and feeling healthy, the monitoring and development process does not stop here.

Turfmanzi will constantly monitor your space in order to maintain the area, keeping it looking fresh and healthy, year-round.

The irrigation controller and monitoring system will update Turfmanzi, letting them know where they can make adjustments and where they can leave it the same.

Whether you are based in South Africa, or other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems will be checking up one the data they receive to see how they can improve on your landscape and on their service.

Contact Turfmanzi Irrigation for More Information

If you are looking to improve your irrigation system, whether it be for a business or home, then contact Turfmanzi Irrigation Systems.



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