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Aquadam’s Outstanding Range of Products

Aquadam’s Outstanding Range of Products

Aquadam realised the need for fast, reliable storage tanks and reservoirs for farmers in 1992 and since then has helped more than 5000 framers, mines, companies, and municipalities with their unique water storage needs.


Today, Aquadam has developed to become the premier steel tank provider in South Africa, providing a wide range of products to suit every customer’s requirement.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Aquadam’s outstanding range of products.


Home tank

Home tanks for rainwater harvesting, domestic use, or even smaller industrial applications. These tanks are made from Zincalume which will ensure that your tank withstands the test of time. 

Although the Home Tank is designed for home use, these Zincalume tanks are also used for potable water, rapid deployment tanks, filtration tanks, greywater dams, and more.


The Smart Tank Extreme

Our flagship product for large industrial irrigation and commercial applications. The tank spec is also ASIB approved and used in the fire protection industry to store emergency water.

What makes the Smart Tank Extreme such a great product is the fact that it features a modular system that is mechanically strong (stronger than galvanized tanks), is low maintenance and easily transportable. They also feature the latest geomembrane technology to make sure that the liquid stored within the tank is not contaminated.


The Rhino Tank

The Rhino Tank is a fusion bonded epoxy coated tank for heavy industrial and commercial applications. Using PosMAC steel sheets together with a heat-treated epoxy coating, this tank is tough and durable, made for harsh environments.

The Rhino Tank is also highly resilient to onsite damage and exceeds coasting requirements; this tough bolted steel water tank is the toughest tank on the market, with a host of applications.  


Save water for future generations, today

We are driven by the desire to help save water for future generations, and we have the all-round product range to make that happen. 50,000+ companies rely on Aquadam to help them save water. Join us and save water for the future generation.


For more agricultural products and services, click here.

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Aquadam’s Outstanding Range of Products