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What a Water Testing Lab Does

Fresh, clean water is an absolute priority for every community. Water needs to be safe for consumption and not contaminated with harmful bacteria or chemicals. Water testing laboratories conduct water analyses that can measure the safety of the water and ensure that it safe for human / animal consumption and acceptable to use for irrigation.

What is Water Tested For?

Microbiological tests and chemical analyses are some of the services offered by water testing labs. Predominantly drinking water, irrigation water and effluent water are tested.

Microbiological Testing

This is where water is tested for microorganisms and pathogens. These microscopic particles can include faecal pollution, other infectious diseases found in microorganisms that can make water unsafe, and possible toxic elements.

Chemical Testing

Chemical quality refers to the nature and concentration of dissolved substances such as salts, metals and organic chemicals in the water. Many chemical substances in water are essential as part of the daily intake required, but at high concentrations they make water taste strange and can be toxic.

Physical quality of water refers to water quality properties that may be determined by physical methods such as conductivity, pH and turbidity measurements. The physical quality mainly affects the aesthetic quality of water (taste, odour and appearance).

Bemlab is an independent analytical laboratory that provides a full agricultural testing service, as well as accurate water analyses. It is an accredited testing laboratory that conducts tests according to internationally accepted standards.

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