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Alco-Safe Launches Newest Version Of Alcontrol, Bringing Simplicity And Integrability

Leading provider of alcohol and drug testing equipment, ALCO-Safe, is proud to announce the launch of the newest version of their workplace alcohol testing system, ALCONTROL Smart Connect. This unmanned breathalyser is mounted onto a turnstile to control entry of employees or can be mounted onto a wall as a self-test breathalyser for employees to test themselves prior to entry into their respective workplace.

“For industries where repeated positive alcohol testing impacts work performance, and can result in job losses, voluntary alcohol testing is an important safety measure,” explains Rhys Evans, MD at ALCO-Safe, “Voluntary alcohol testing is for employees who occasionally overindulge, giving them the opportunity to go home and avoid endangering themselves or their colleagues, should they experience a positive breath alcohol result.”


Technician-friendly, easy to install

“Where previously it was difficult to get a technician out to remote mining locations for installation, ALCONTROL is now extremely simple to install, and can be done by almost anyone with basic technical skills,” Evans notes.


Addresses connectivity challenges

This new version also addresses significant integrability challenges experienced in the past, between the breathalyser device, the biometric system and the turnstile. “By introducing Wiegand, RS485, LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a new communication protocol, the device is easily compatible with any of the existing biometric employee identification and access control system companies may already have in place,” Evans elaborates. The name Alcontrol Smart Connect leads to its focus on easy connectivity and integration.


Simplifies employee performance monitoring

The ALCONTROL unit also has an option for camera installation that can be used for identity verification purposes, and along with a new RS-485 communication port, the system can be easily integrated with facial recognition technology. All of these features make it easy for companies to track positive alcohol test results in order to monitor for absenteeism and abuse of the voluntary testing system, while streamlining HR disciplinary processes related to the company’s alcohol and substances policy.


Simplifies visitor control

In addition to simplifying employee access control, ALCONTROL also enables proper visitor control and is the only system currently available that is capable of integrating with the Bluetooth-based devices used to scan license discs upon arrival at a business complex.


Easy calibration

Now capable of easy on-site swop out of pre-calibrated modules, the calibration process is essentially plug-and-play. This minimises downtime to a minute or two, which is very important to ensure that production is unaffected, particularly during peak arrival times where workers need to pass through turnstiles in large volumes.

“With this new version release, we have successfully addressed a number of challenges experienced with the previous model launched in 2017, ensuring that the instrument is now easy to install, service and calibrate. A number of new features and connectivity updates mean that the testing system integrates easily with other workplace technologies, such as biometrics and access control systems, completely simplifying the enforcement of the company substance abuse policy and contributing to a safer, alcohol-free workplace,” Evans concludes.

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