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Why A Trusted Supplier Of Agricultural Machinery Is A Must-Have

A distributor of agricultural machinery is a necessity, and one you can rely on is the only route to successful production throughout the seasons. Having someone to turn to in times when the functionality of your equipment affects multiple people’s livelihoods is essential.

The Age of Mechanisation in Agriculture

Much has changed since the beginning of farming in the way tasks are completed. Now, with more mouths to feed than ever, agricultural machinery can complete large scale agricultural tasks with much less manpower and time needed to do so.


Tractors saw a boom in farming because of the fact that it took less time and effort to get the same job done. Historian Bruce L. Gardener wrote in his book, American Agriculture in the Twentieth Century, that a tractor (in the 1940s) could replace five horses or mules with its abilities. With the evolution of this machine modern tractors now sport anywhere from 450 to nearly 700 horsepower (depending on the model). That’s much more than four, and the work it can get done is a testament to this.


This is the latest innovation in cost-effective harvesting systems. This makes harvest time as efficient as possible with multi-crop capabilities and designs which allow for farmers to produce the maximum yield possible.

The combines available from Northmec are designed for streamlining processes on the largest farms with the biggest contractors and the highest yields. In other words, there is no comparison between this and the agricultural machinery from the early days of farming besides the fact that they were used to complete the same tasks.

Parts and Services

You need expert advice and service at your beck and call should something go wrong, as well as the correct parts. Having this available from a reliable source means that you don’t need to fret when your tractor or other agricultural machinery is not working the way it should.

Community is important, especially when it comes to farming in South Africa. Agricultural machinery goes hand-in-hand with successfully reaping, sewing and distributing agricultural products. Thanks to reliable suppliers like Northmec farmers need not worry when there is a spanner in the works, because they are ready to supply you with quality tractors and the like to help get your mechanisation up and running should something go wrong.

Visit our agricultural directory to see what agricultural machinery, products and services are on offer. Contact us for more information.

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