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Speciality Fertilizers That Enhance Your Current Fertilizer Program

As the world’s population grows, the need for sustainable food production increases. To ensure this, the agricultural industry must continuously strive to make advancements in agricultural technologies and products. One of the products that need constant improvement and attention is fertilizers. This is because they are one of the key elements to achieving sustainable crop production and meeting the nutritional needs of the world's growing population.

In this article, we will discuss how speciality fertilisers can enhance your current fertilizer program and how this can increase sustainable crop production.


Why You Need Specialty Fertilizers Products

Each crop has different nutritional needs. Unfortunately, when farming, one cannot always have the perfect nutritional elements available in the soil to ensure a specific crop thrives. When you make use of speciality fertilizers, you can select the perfect combination for the crop in question. Potatoes would need a different nutritional combination to stone fruit, which is why one needs to ensure that the fertilising combination one uses is specifically designed to support the crop in question.

It is advisable to make use of and receive advice from fertilizer professionals that have the necessary experience and research to help you get the best results from your crop.


The Benefits of Liquid Fertilizers

There are multiple benefits to making use of liquid fertilizer on large crops. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Time Effective Application: Liquid fertilisers allow for fast and effective application, as one can make use of agricultural irrigation systems.
  • Consistent Application: Granular fertilizers do have the potential to be applied in bunches. This causes some spots to receive more fertilizer while other spots receive almost none. Liquid fertilizers allow for uniform and consistent application, ensuring your entire crop has received the nutrients it needs.
  • Rapid Results: Because liquid seeps into the soil faster, crops receive the needed nutrients faster. This allows for effects to materialise sooner.


Speciality Fertilizers Products, South Africa

Tessenderlo Kerley, an international provider of high-performance sulfur-based fertilizers has a large range of liquid, solid, and soluble fertilizers. Their aim is to provide farmers with a fertilizing option that allows them to perform precise plant nutrition. This in turn increases and optimises crop yield, quality, and sustainability.


Their range of liquid fertilisers is the perfect way to supplement and nurture your soil, to ensure your crop performs at its highest capacity. Their liquid range includes:


As a sulfur- and nitrogen-based fertilizer, Thio-Sul consists of 26% sulfur and 12% nitrogen. This product is chloride free and minimizes the alkalinity within the soil. It also increases the amount of aeration within the soil while improving the decomposition rate of residues left behind by a crop.


As a liquid potassium fertilizer, KTS is nitrate and chloride-free, consisting of a  25% potash and 17% sulfur mixture. This product is perfect for improving crop yield and extending the shelf life of produce. It also increases the uptake of potash, phosphorus, and micronutrients. All of this ensures that a crop has greater resistance against any environmental stress that might occur.


CaTs is a calcium- and sulfur-based liquid fertilizer that has a host of benefits. Consisting of 10% sulfur and 6% calcium, this fertilizer improves the firmness, cell structure and plant strength of fruits and vegetables. It also allows for better water filtration while getting rid of harmful salts. When used correctly the crop yield increases.


As a magnesium- and sulfur-based fertilizer, this product is classified as being neutral while leaning towards being acidic. It consists of 10% sulfur and 4% magnesium making it applicable to a wide variety of crops. It boosts plant development by improving the cell structure and strength of the plant. It also increases the crops uptake of phosphorus and micronutrients. This is a must-have if your crop needs assistance in protein and carbohydrate synthesis.


This product is an ammonium polyphosphate solution that contains nitrogen and phosphorus. It is free of chloride while providing a crop with a very high concentration of nutrients and can be used alongside a wide range of fertilizer blends. It is particularly compatible with KTS.


There is much more to fertilizer and crop nutrition than meets the eye. To find out more about which fertilizer would best suit your crop, visit our directory and contact Tessenderlo Kerley for a professional opinion that is sure to yield results.

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