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Tessenderlo Kerley distributes high quality and high concentration clear liquid fertilizer containing N, K, S and Ca. Our unique formulation enhance the efficiency of your current fertilizer program.

High Performance fertilizers

Tessenderlo Kerley International brings a unique range of high performance liquid, solid and soluble fertilizers for more precise plant nutrition to optimize crop yield and quality sustainably.

For over 100 years, Tessenderlo Kerley has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing crop life through innovation, research and the development of sustainable crop nutrition for agriculture. Our diverse product portfolio addresses the challenges of modern agriculture by combining essential nutrients to improve soil health, increase water infiltration and maximize nutrient uptake.


Our products and services

We provide an extensive range of both liquid and solid/soluble fertilizers

Our diverse product portfolio addresses the challenges of modern agriculture by delivering essential nutrients in forms that protect soil health and optimize nutrient use efficiency.


Our range of high-performance liquids:



Liquid nitrogen with thiosulfate sulfur

Thio-Sul® is a clear liquid ammonium thiosulfate solution that helps to increase yields by satisfying the essential need of crops for nitrogen and sulfur

12% N 26% S - very low salt index - For starter and topdressing application



Liquid potassium with thiosulfate sulfur

KTS® is a clear, chloride-free solution that features the highest liquid potassium and sulfur content available on the market.

21% N 17% S -highly available K and S nutrients




Liquid calcium with thiosulfate sulfur

CaTs® is a clear liquid fertilizer containing calcium and sulfur that reduces the harmful effects of salt, such as sodium, in the soil, and it can work as a soil amendment.

10% N 6% S

Liquid Ca and S where and when you need it most


Our experts are familiar with your region and crops. Their support includes:

• Agronomic advice

• Providing technical information

• Carrying out field studies that are specific to your issues

• Providing application and storage tips


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