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Loss of topsoil due to conventional commercial farming practices is a worrying trend worldwide. Soil is vital for food production but it is being lost from agricultural areas faster than it can be formed. This is precisely why change is needed in our current conventional farming practices.
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Wanneer dit kom by die beskerming van jou besproeiingstelsel, is min dinge meer belangrik as effektiewe filtrering. Die korrekte keuse van filtreringsmetode om jou stelsel teen verstoppings te beskerm, is nie slegs ‘n finansiële besluit  nie. Talle ander faktore moet in gedagte gehou word.
Vroeg in die 90’s groei Aquadam vanuit die swembad industrie toe Gert van Lochem destyds boere begin help om lekkende plaasdamme reg te maak. Water is die na alles die lewensbloed van enige boerdery. Aquadam het oorspronklik gunnite (beton) plaas damme gebou, maar het intussen onder leiding van Gert se seun, Ronald van Lochem, die ontwerp, vervaardiging en oprigting van staal damme verfyn.
To fight back and increase crop production, yield and income - shade net was found to be a suitable champion for the job. Farmers are erecting large shade net structures and reaping the benefits from it, by being able to create an ideal and manageable environment for their crops to flourish in.
All structures, from chicken houses to commercial buildings require insulation. The question is, which insulation option to opt for? Polyurethane spray foam insulation is not only extremely effective and easy to install, but it is also environmentally friendly. In this article, we will discuss everything that there is to know about this insulation product as well as list all of the benefits it has to offer.
Die vorige artikels in die reeks het as inleiding gedien, hoofsaaklik oor die belangrikheid van en die tegnologie benodig vir videomonitering op plase asook vir padkameras vir onder andere sekuriteit en veediefstal. Hierdie artikel verbreed die toepassing van tegnologie vir die boer waar tegnologie amper in elke denkbare faset van boerdery gebruik kan word om verdere waarde te ontsluit wat effektiwiteit en winsmarges betref.
Application of nitrogen fertilizers is a must to grow agricultural crops. In traditional farming practices, nitrogen fertilization leads to emission of ammonia, which is a strong greenhouse gas. To study the benefits of Multicote™ controlled release fertilizer in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases related to nitrogen application, we set a trial in Haifa Group’s R&D greenhouse.
In South Africa, water storage solutions are a popular option for farmers and other industries where water is an essential component of operation. This is due to the fact that South Africa often experiences drought where water restrictions are put in place. While there are multiple options for water storage, corrugated steel water storage tanks are by far the most effective.
The Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) regulates amongst other things, the activities of fresh produce agents. The APAC mandate, the Agricultural Produce Agents Act, Act 12 of 1992 purports that a “fresh produce agent” (agency) and an “agent” (salesperson) may only operate on behalf of a farmer if he or she is the holder of a fidelity fund certificate (trading licence).
Dam liners are an extremely important part of modern water storage. Ultimately they prevent a decrease in water storage capacity from occurring. This is because the water is prevented from seeping into the soil which could also cause erosion.  In this article, we will discuss everything that goes into the implementation and maintenance of dam liners, as well as which dam liner is best.
The waste and the loss of food are happening at an alarming rate throughout the supply chain of food production. In Agriculture, we are very aware of every stage where food can be lost or wasted. Food intended for consumption gets wasted or discarded along the food supply chain and can no longer be consumed where it is needed most
By Prof Robin Barnard, Chief Technical Advisor, Fertasa In South Africa a number of different agricultural organisations have been involved with the selection and standardisation of analysis methods and their verification for advisory purposes for at least the last fifty years. This article will hopefully allay your fears and put your mind at rest.
Successful farming and plant growth begins with the soil. If your soil does not contain all of the nutrients a plant requires, your crop yield will not be as fortunate as you might have hoped. Specific plants all have specific needs and while one crop might flourish with acidic soil, another might not. It is therefore very important to determine what your crop's needs are, test the soil to determine what it requires, and add certain nutrients to create the perfect balance for your crop.
Whether you are an avid gardener or grow agricultural crops, a backpack sprayer will always be useful and should be a tool that you have at your disposal. A backpack sprayer is a portable piece of equipment that consists of a tank that straps to your back, and a hose with which one can spray the liquid contained in the tank. It typically makes use of a pump action in order to achieve an even spray that can disperse the liquid over large surface areas.
Hail is a natural occurrence that can destroy a crop if it is severe enough. Hail storms are more likely to happen in environments that are prone to thunderstorms. It is therefore a risk that should be planned for when farming in such areas. In this article, we will explore how crop hail insurance can help you prepare for these risks and safeguard your agricultural farm against bankruptcy.
The most expensive and vitally important aspect when it comes to poultry farming is feeding. Therefore, when investing in a poultry feeding system it is vital to ensure that it will help a farmer run their operation optimally and assure profitability. But what is the purpose of a feeding system? Feeding systems ensure that all chickens are fed in a short period and that every chicken gets the right daily portion of feed and nutrition.
Water is a basic and essential resource that one should always have access to. Without it, one cannot perform basic hygiene practices, remain hydrated, and often can struggle to cook certain foods. If one cannot rely on one’s municipal water, it is important to ensure that one has alternative access to fresh and clean water. The best way to do this is to gather rainwater.

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