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An Exploration of Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tanks

Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tanks

In South Africa, water storage solutions are a popular option for farmers and other industries where water is an essential component of operation. This is due to the fact that South Africa often experiences drought where water restrictions are put in place. While there are multiple options for water storage, corrugated steel water storage tanks are by far the most effective. This is due to their durability, flexibility, and relatively low cost. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the design, installation, and maintenance of these tanks.


Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tanks Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Repair:

Corrugated steel water tanks are a fantastic investment for a number of reasons and can be utilised in various industries. However, before investing in one, it is important to understand what goes into these tanks, from design to maintenance.

  • Design: Corrugated steel water tanks are highly customisable which is why the design phase is so important. Each tank is designed to the buyer's specific requirements. Each factor is taken into consideration, including the size, material thickness, foundation type, and even location. Depending on its intended use, the size of the water storage tank will be determined. The thickness of the material is then determined by the size of the tank and the amount of water it will need to hold. In order to ensure that the structure is truly secure, the location and type of foundation to be used is also taken into account during the design phase.
  • Construction: The construction of a corrugated steel water storage tank is quite effective and quick. However, there are many steps and considerations that go into the construction process. The first step is to lay the foundation of the tanks. The second step is to construct the base of the tank. The shell and roof consisting of corrugated steel is then assembled and fitted. A protective layer will typically be applied to the interior of the tank in order to prevent corrosion and water contamination. This can be done by making use of geomembrane technology.
  • Maintenance: Once your corrugated steel water tank has been successfully installed, it is important to keep an eye out for any potential problems that could occur. Problems could include leaks, damaged components, and more. However, even though there is a chance of these issues occurring, corrugated steel tanks are notorious for being low maintenance. This is beneficial as it will save you extra costs in the long run.
  • Repair: If you have performed an interior and exterior inspection during maintenance and have noticed a problem such as a crack that could potentially turn into a leak, it should be repaired immediately. It is better to perform small maintenance tasks before the problem becomes larger. It is advisable to contact a professional to help you perform these repairs as they will be able to advise on the best manner to deal with the issue and prevent it from happening again.


How Long Do Corrugated Water Tanks Last?

A typical corrugated steel water tank is known to last for about 20 years. However, if you invest in a specialised tank it can last up to 50 years. The key to a long-lasting water tank is the quality of the design and materials used. While investing in a higher-quality corrugated water tank might cost a bit more due to the extra protective measures, it does provide a higher return on investment in the long run.


Where to Find Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tanks:

Aqua dam is a South African based company that specialises in a variety of water storage solutions. They also design and manufacture corrugated steel water tanks that are of the highest standard and will last you for 50 years before requiring replacement. They also make use of geomembrane technology to ensure the water within the tank remains free of contaminants. They are well known within the water storage industry, and have designed and manufactured tanks for a variety of uses. They are also able to deliver their tanks anywhere within South Africa.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about the Aqua Dam corrugated steel water tanks.

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