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Why Farmers are Moving to Trimble GPS in South Africa

The advance of technology is becoming pivotal in every industry; the agricultural industry included. With extensive GPS technology becoming available, farmers can enhance and maximise productivity and, therefore, profitability.

Trimble GPS Benefits

No matter the size of the farm, GPS technology for agriculture can provide many benefits. Here are some of these:

  • Farm management software in general can help farmers make informed decisions and build strategies to lower costs and generate valuable inputs.
  • Field record-keeping will ensure that farms are not over-watered, over-dusted with chemicals or over-fertilized
  • This technology can improve communication between agricultural staff
  • GPS tracking can help to improve the protection of farm assets
  • GPS technology can reduce manual labour by eliminating unnecessary tasks
  • GPS technology can create landmarks around specific locations around the farm. This helps to optimise the monitoring of crop yields, feeding schedules, etc. and improve the focus of the action necessary to increase yields
  • Agricultural GPS technology helps farmers navigate their farms in poor visibility conditions
  • This technology improves profits, while being a reasonably budget-friendly solution; saving money all round
  • This technology also reduces the need for manned tasks by automatically recording data and navigating farms

Many successful farmers are turning to technological solutions to optimise systems and create working strategies on their farms. To find a Trimble GPS for sale in South Africa, consult Vantage SSA. For more farming equipment, visit our directory.

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