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Chemical And Physical Restraint of African Wild Animals

The third edition of Chemical and Physical Restraint of African Wild Animals is a well-illustrated text with consolidated immobilisation drug dosages for quick reference. The chapter on individual species requirements has been extensively reviewed to include high-dose and low-dose opioid protocols for selected wild animal species.

A good foundation on basic and applied pharmacology has been retained to provide context for the various drug effects and synergy of action in the body. Chapters on field procedures and techniques have also been expanded to provide practitioners with cutting-edge practical knowledge on capture and care, allowing the professional handling of challenging situations.

This manual is valuable for fieldwork and I highly recommend it for any professional working with African wild animal species.

Mmadi Mogolodi B. Reuben MVB MSc Head of Veterinary Division Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Botswana


This third, extensively revised edition of Chemical and Physical Restraint of African Wild Animals is a must-have for all wildlife veterinarians, game capturers and conservation managers.

Written by highly experienced authors, all experts in their fields, this book brings together decades of knowledge and experience in one concise manual. The book features some revolutionary capture drug combinations and tranquilliser protocols, many of which will become the standard for the next decade. Another great addition to the book is the chapter on telemetry and the ethics surrounding the use of animal tracking devices.

This manual will always be at my side when I am in the field doing conservation and clinical work, and will greatly assist in the training of the next generation of wildlife veterinarians.


Jacques Henry O’Dell (BSc, BVSc, MMedVet (Wildlife Diseases)) Specialist Wildlife Veterinarian and Wildlife Section Head Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria Association


Edited by

Michael D. Kock and Richard Burroughs


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