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Fleet Management Services: Why it is Needed

Our society heavily relies on transportation companies and the fleets of vehicles that get us and the products we require from point A to point B. Whether it be a fleet of taxis, courier companies, or trucks that transport necessary goods such as produce, we cannot do without them.

In this article, we will discuss fleet management and why every fleet can benefit from fleet management services provided by consultancies.


What is Fleet Management Services?

A fleet is often one of the highest expenses within a business when including the purchase costs of the vehicle, the service costs, and let's not forget petrol costs (especially in the current economic climate). When a fleet is not managed correctly these costs can become even more burdensome. Fleet management services consist of implementing processes and technologies that organise and coordinate fleets to operate as optimally as possible. This will ultimately reduce costs, improve productivity, increase driver safety and satisfaction, as well as increase the lifecycle of a vehicle.


Fleet Management Technology

In order to effectively manage a fleet, the correct tools, technologies, and software must be implemented. Some of the systems that are crucial to successful fleet management include:

  • Fuel Management Systems: Providing data on fuel levels, when refuelling should and does occur, as well as the amount of fuel utilised by each vehicle.
  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring: Trackers are implemented on vehicles that are able to monitor accidents, driver behaviour and vehicle handling, as well as vehicle recovery in the case of theft.
  • Movement Management Systems: This system keeps track of route deviations, distances travelled, time spent at the collection and delivery points, customers visited, delivery confirmation, and more. 
  • Maintenance Management Systems: The maintenance that needs to occur on the vehicle will be monitored and scheduled when required. One can also track job card costs, maintenance costs, and manage warranties. Furthermore, pre- and post-maintenance inspections can be implemented with this technology, and one can record defects before and after trips are completed allowing for transparency on the condition of the vehicle.

These systems provide information on what is occurring while the vehicle is on the road as well as real-time data that can help optimise processes when analysed.


Benefits of Fleet Management

There is a multitude of benefits that effective fleet management can offer a business. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Visibility

With the real-time and historical data that is made available through fleet management software, one is able to have a clear view of one’s fleet operations at all times. This allows for one to make informed decisions when necessary. It also allows one to see how these decisions affect one's fleet operations and whether they are effective or not.

Vehicle Saftey and Reliability

As maintenance management systems allow for one to accurately determine when a service is needed ensuring that the vehicle remains in good condition. This in turn ensures that the likelihood of a breakdown or accident decreases dramatically.

Driver Safety

Maintained vehicles provide more safety to drivers and paired with vehicle tracking and monitoring, one can determine whether a driver is applying safe driving practices or driving aggressively. The trackers also indicate whether drivers are in dangerous areas and the panic button allows for drivers to alert the control room if they are being hijacked.

Driver Satisfaction and Loyalty

Effective and well-thought-out processes will improve the experience of the drivers on a daily basis. Certain manual processes that once formed part of a driver's tasks will also be automated ensuring that they can concentrate on their job more effectively.

Higher Level of Productivity

With optimised processes in place and tracking that can provide data on idling time, delays, and unnecessary downtime, one can address the issues that are causing inefficient time management which will drastically improve productivity.

Improved Cost-Efficiency

Monitoring and optimisation are key to reducing costs. The implementation of all of these processes and technologies will decrease costs dramatically.


The Importance of Fleet Management Consulting

When one opts for a fleet management consultancy one receives the advice, experience, expertise, knowledge and technologies of an entire company that is dedicated to optimising one's fleet operations. These companies specialise in managing and improving efficiency which will often yield better results than trying to implement these strategies and tools on one’s own. Therefore, it is highly advisable to employ the services of specialists in this field.


Choosing a Fleet Management Consultancy

Carrus Fleet Management Services is a company that specialises in fleet management and the optimisation of processes. They have the necessary experience, knowledge, and tools to optimise any fleet to full capacity and efficacy. Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about how Carrus Fleet Management Services can help you.

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