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Online Shopping for Engineering Consumables Saves Fuel, Money and Time

Online Shopping for Engineering Consumables Saves Fuel, Money and Time

BMG’s online shopping portal, which was launched in South Africa two years ago, is constantly upgraded to meet market requirements, including the exact needs of the agricultural community.


“The BMG E-Commerce platform – which was developed to enhance the convenience for customers to procure engineering consumables – is gaining popularity at a time as our country faces rising fuel costs and consumers are reluctant to use their motor vehicles,” explains Darryn Wright, Group Marketing Executive, Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) part of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Feedback from our customers indicates that in spite of Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, the ease of buying industrial products from the comfort of their homes and offices, without having to drive or wait in a queue, is an important advantage. Although our online delivery service saves fuel, money and time, digital shopping does not detract from the technical support and personal service offered by the BMG team.


“The online portal, which is benchmarked on international best practice, is efficient, user-friendly and customer-centric. BMG Online is an easy-to-navigate platform, that enables 24-hour browsing and ordering from a broad selection of BMG products. This facility is especially convenient for farmers in rural areas, far away from industrial hubs and shopping centres.

“Over 75 000 BMG products are available on this platform, including bearings, seals, fasteners and power transmission components, as well hand and power tools, abrasives, brushware, spanners, wrenches and sockets. Added to this are agricultural-specific components, including PTO shafts. BMG constantly adds many more products to this electronic platform, to meet market demand.”

BMG Online offers many benefits, including easy product browsing, selection and ordering; click and collect from the nearest branch; swift delivery for existing customers and a fair returns policy.


BMG specialists are on hand to assist customers in all sectors, including agriculture, mining, food and beverage plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, oil, gas and petrochemical plants, as well as construction, engineering and general industry.


To find out more about BMG Online, please email or go onto

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