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Press Release: Issued On Behalf Of Agricolleges International (ACI)

AGRICOLLEGES international (ACI) named among the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations of 2020.

[Tzaneen, August 11, 2020] Online agri-education platform, AGRICOLLEGES international has been named among the top Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDI) of the year by Dutch organisation, Partos.


Partos, an association of Dutch NGOs working in international development, believes that there’s huge innovation potential in developing economies. The MIDI 2020 initiative was driven by Partos’ innovation platform, The Spindle, with the aim of showcasing inspiring digital innovations in the field of development co-operation.


The Spindle received applications for the MIDI initiative from companies in Latin America, Asia and Africa, representing industries from artificial intelligence to health, education, farming, childcare and more.


“Access to the internet is exploding across Africa and AGRICOLLEGES international was founded with the intention of giving those who want to further their education the opportunity to do so through an online, blended-learning model that offers lower costs and relevant, modern course content,” says AGRICOLLEGES international Chief Operating Officer, Wynand Espach.


The initiative called for applications from companies that have developed a digital tool, product or service in an African, Latin-American or Asian country, in the last 6 to 24 months. The innovation needs to contribute to an inclusive, just, collaborative and sustainable world.


“Covid-19 has changed the face of education across the world. The way we learn, teach and interact, while developing our skills, will never be the same. It is time for the world to step up and secure our future by transforming the way we learn, teach and interact. AGRICOLLEGES already achieves this through a learning platform that provides a healthy balance between theoretical and practical learning, as well as emotional and personal development. Education is a critical pillar for the development of future leaders and we’ve stepped up to meet that challenge through technology,” explains Espach.


The top 30 MIDIs were selected by a group of digital experts and announced by The Spindle on 4 August. Each of these businesses will receive a professional pitch video, the opportunity to participate in a digital co-creation session to tackle a specific challenge on their road to success; and the chance to present their digital innovation to NGOs, government and other stakeholders during the online Partos Innovation Festival in October.


Espach concludes: “The increasing demands being placed on the agricultural sector require that we step up to help grow the skills pool and drive improved food security in the decades to come. We believe that the way to do this is through a combination of education and technology.”


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Access to the internet is exploding across Africa and AGRICOLLEGES international