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Bemlab Strives To Be The Leading Testing Laboratory

The history of Bemlab goes back a decade when Dr Adri Kotze started this privately owned agricultural analytical laboratory.

In time, Bemlab became a well-known and respected testing laboratory with wide testing capabilities on a wide variety of matrixes. On the 1st of March 2010, PathCare Laboratories took over ownership of Bemlab.

All staff members, including Dr Kotze transferred seamlessly to the new Bemlab laboratory retaining the character and culture of Bemlab.


Bemlab(PTY)LTD is a SANAS accredited Testing laboratory, that provides testing services for soil, leaf, water, fruit and compost. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and operates under stringent quality standards based on ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Our methods are based on National and International best practices.

Our staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable and provide a fast, friendly and efficient service.


Bemlab strives to be the leading testing laboratory.

We aim to deliver accessible service and consistently meet the requirements and expectations of our clients.

By staying well-informed we commit to operate in compliance to the international and national requirements.


Our Mission

To enhance customer care in testing laboratory services.

To commit to good professional practices, quality of testing and services to customers.

To commit to continuously improve our Quality Management System.


Our Services:


The purpose of soil samples and analysis is:

To classify soils in order to suggest practices for fertiliser and lime application;

To predict the probability of a profitable reaction to application of fertiliser;

To evaluate soil fertility

To determine which specific soil conditions could be improved by applying soil amendments; and

To detect and correct imbalances in nutrient concentrations.



The availability of clean, fresh water is one of the most important issues facing South Africa today and will be increasingly critical for the future, as growing demands outstrip supplies and pollution continues to contaminate rivers, lakes and streams.

Water systems should be monitored at a frequency that is sufficient to ensure that systems are under control and continue to produce water of an acceptable quality.

Bemlab offers both microbiological; as well as chemical analyses of water.



The purpose of leaf analysis is:

As an aid to evaluate the supplying capacity of the soil for nutritional elements;

To evaluate the effect of treatments on the supplying capacity in the plant;

To evaluate the relationship between the nutritional status of the plant and the plant reaction as an aid to estimation of fertilizer requirement;

To diagnose deficiencies of nutritional elements; and

To serve as a resource for evaluating new problems or to survey unknown areas.



The purpose of fruit analysis:

The position and size of fruit on the tree has a great influence on the composition and quality.  Normally the fruit inside the tree is usually of a poorer quality.  The reason for the analysis must therefore be clear because it influences the sampling.  Fruit from different cultivars and bearing positions must not be mixed.



The purpose of compost  analysis is:

Compost contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients for plant growth. Although Compost is not a fertilizer, it is a growing media when used as an amendment to existing soil intended to improve the overall fertility and tilth of the soil. Compost should be analyzed for its nutrient content prior to use so that nutrient levels can be identified, and the compost used in the right application.


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