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Bale Loaders for Handling Large Bales

No matter how skilled you are and how hard you work, without quality farming equipment, farming is labour intensive and time consuming. It’s important to equip yourself with the right tools for the job, and if you are looking to collect bales, we recommend finding a quality bale loader to get the job done.

Bale Loader Benefits:

  • Bale loaders save on fuel because they get the job done in less trips by storing more bales on the machine. Only one machine is necessary, no matter how many bales need to be made and then collected.
  • Bale loaders save on time because, in just a few minutes, they do what would usually take hours of manual labour. Bales are also very heavy, so the machine does all the heavy-lifting at the pull of a lever.
  • Bale loaders are efficient; they handle bales gently so that the bales don’t fall apart.
  • Bale loaders improve the safety on the farm, by taking away the risk of injury while working with such weighty produce and sharp tools.

Different Types of Bale Loaders

Grass / hay bale loader: A bale loader from Kanna Industries is a trailer that loads round bales, with the pull of a lever, directly from the field. It can offload the bales and distribute them where needed with ease. It can hold six to nine bales at a time.

Cotton bale loader: The cotton bale loader can load cotton bales of up to two to three tons and is also available from Kanna Industries. The loader can load four cotton bales with ease. It is also handled with levers and can do everything using the machine alone, without the need for intensive labour.

If you are looking for a quality bale loader for sale in your area, visit our directory.


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