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Choose the Right Tractor Tyres to Boost Productivity and Performance


In order to make the most out of your tractor’s performance, as well as keep your land in good condition, you need to choose the right tractor tyres. By researching what tyres will be best for your unique requirements, you can find the best option to boost productivity.

When looking for tractor tyres for sale, there are a variety of features to keep in mind which should impact your final decision. The specifications of each tyre has an influence on a range of factors, such as carrying load, soil compaction, power, and more. By choosing tractor tyres that have the features that suit your requirements, you will ensure improved performance and increased productivity.

Tractor Tyre Width

The width of a tractor tyre has an impact on its performance on different terrains and in different conditions. A wider tyre gives less ground pressure as the weight is distributed across a larger footprint, a wider tyre also gives you more traction. A wide tyre is, however, heavier and requires more horsepower to turn.

Load Rating

If you’re looking for a bargain from tractor tyre importers in South Africa, you will find a wide range of tyre brands that will have different load ratings. These load ratings will determine the maximum carrying capacity which will enable you to choose tyres based on the amount of weight you plan for it to carry on a regular basis.

Bias vs Radial Tractor Tyres

All tyres are constructed in a radial or bias style. Bias tyres are generally less expensive and have an incredibly durable sidewall.

Radial tyres are usually more expensive but offer an extended tread life, as well as a greater potential fuel efficiency as they can run efficiently with a lower air pressure.

Tractor Tyres for Sale in South Africa

If you’re looking to select the perfect tractor tyres for your agricultural machinery, look for trusted agricultural tyre importers in South Africa. They supply the leading global brands that offer you the opportunity to select the right tractor tyres for improved performance based on your individual requirements. Don’t forget to take a look at SA’s biggest agricultural directory for more tractor parts solutions.

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