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Industrial Hose Suppliers: Get the Right Hose for the Job

Industrial Hose Suppliers: Get the Right Hose for the Job

Industrial hoses are an important part of ensuring that one can efficiently transport and offload elements such as gas, water, fuel, and other chemicals. They are also utilised in many different ways within various industries. In this article, we will discuss industrial hoses and also inform you of where to find an industrial hose supplier in South Africa.


What is an Industrial Hose? 

The term “industrial hose” is used to describe a variety of different types of hoses that have been designed with safety in mind. For every industrial application, there is a hose that has been manufactured with specific materials to ensure the hose can withstand the environment in which it is being utilised. This is to ensure that the hose does not break or leak dangerous chemicals, oils, gasses, liquids, or other hazardous elements. It is also important that these hoses are durable and made to last as some of these hoses are utilised for damage control.


What Are Industrial Hoses Made Out of?

Industrial hoses typically comprise of an outer layer, which is often rubber that is resistant to chemical, heat, or lubricant damage. The rubber is then further reinforced by making use of a sheath made out of textile or braided metal. Depending on the environment and its intended use, a hose will be manufactured making use of further materials and reinforcements that can withstand certain hazardous factors. This can even include stainless steel or brass braided sheaths on either the inside or outside of the hose. The fittings for these hoses are also designed to handle high levels of pressure without malfunctioning.


Types of Industrial Hoses

Types of industrial hoses are typically named after their intended use, and there are many different types of industrial hoses that have been manufactured for specific industries, environments, and uses. Here is a list of common types of industrial hoses that are most often used in industry.

  • Gas: Hoses designed and manufactured for gas transportation, have been reinforced to be able to handle compressed gas. They can therefore handle an extreme amount of pressure. These hoses are often used in the medical, construction, and industrial sectors. These hoses are made to be flexible and are typically resistant to fuels and chemicals in addition to gasses.
  • Acetylene and Oxygen: These hoses are typically used for welding and other gas applications. They consist of two hoses; one blue and the other red. The rubber used to cover these hoses have a self-extinguishing ability. This is important as the environments that they are utilised in often expose them to sparks that could cause a fire.
  • Air and Water: These hoses have been designed and manufactured to convey water from one location to another that is not used for consumption. Therefore it will typically be used for sewage, industrial water, cooling water, and so forth. It is also able to transport compressed air.
  • Fuel: These flexible and lightweight hoses are utilised to convey oil, fuel, and diesel. These hoses can also be used in environments where oil lubrication is required. However, one will typically find them at gas stations, as well as on trucks transporting fuel, oil, and diesel. 
  • Fire: These hoses are most frequently utilised in firefighting as they have been designed to handle high levels of heat, and are resistant to fire. They typically transfer water and other fire retardants to subdue and extinguish fires. These hoses are high-pressure and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Tubing: This type of hose is typically used in laboratories and for other low-pressure applications such as in fish tanks. Tubing is typically very flexible. Depending on the type of tubing that one opts for, it will be able to convey air, water, diluted acids, as well as oils.
  • Suction: A suction hose is most often used in drafting operations and vacuums or sucks up water from large static water sources such as pools, lakes, etc. It then transports this water to a large, portable water tank.


Industrial Hose Suppliers in South Africa

WATEX is a company that specialises in all forms of hosing, including industrial hosing. Their hoses have been specifically designed and manufactured for the harsh South African climate and environment, ensuring their hoses will last. All of the industrial hoses mentioned above are available for purchase at WATEX and they are able to ship your order to any location within South Africa.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about WATEX and their industrial hosing solutions.

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