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Neptun Safety Boots

Neptun Safety Boots

Neptun safety boots come in a range of different styles that make them suitable for many different working environments. Depending on the specific safety requirements of your workplace, you may need the protection of either a metal-free safety boot or a PVC gumboot with steel safety features.

Read through our wide range of safety footwear options below and find the right boot for you.


SafeLite Metal-Free Safety Boot

Our SafeLite metal-free safety boot options are lightweight, leather industrial boots designed with polycarbonate toe cap. Neptun safety boots are reinforced by the toe and ankle areas and have excellent grip for slip resistance. Other features include water resistance, reflective tape on the side and back, and dual density PU directly injected in the sole.


Stimela Gumboot

Neptun’s Shosholoza gumboot is available with international certifications under the brand, Stimela. Our Stimela gumboot is a benchmark for mining gumboots and is well-recognized worldwide for its patented metatarsal protection.

Tested under severe mining conditions to deliver a world-class mining safety boot. With a choice of eleven gumboots, this range of Neptun safety boots offers knee-length protection with a combination of steel toe, midsole, and metatarsal protector, depending on the specific gumboot.


Stimela XP Gumboots

If you are looking for a Neptun safety boot that is lighter than your normal gumboot, yet still provides full safety protection? Then the Stimela XP gumboot offers an extensive range of footwear protection features.

This knee-length gumboot is fitted with a combination of composite toe caps, midsoles, and metatarsal protectors depending on the specific boot. The Stimela XP gumboot is also available in a metal gumboot option.


Shova Gumboots

This range of Neptun safety boots offers gumboots of various types and sizes. With slip-on shoes, ankle-length and knee-length options, Shova gumboots are designed to function in general purpose, agricultural and food processing environments. Their soles are specially fitted with oil and acid resistant soles.


At Neptun Boot, our safety footwear has specially been designed to protect workers in various industries. So, finding the right safety footwear for your industry is essential to keep your employees safe and protected while on the job. See the full range of Neptun safety boots here.


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