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South Africa’s Love Affair: The Tale of a Farmer and Their Bakkie

Simply put, the most enduring love story in the history of the South African agricultural industry is the loyal, undying love affair between the farmer and their bakkie. Bakkies have become so intertwined with the culture and traditions of South Africa that farmers and their trusty steeds have become synonymous with the agricultural work environment as well as leisurely activities.

So what does the bakkie have to offer, above other agricultural machinery and vehicles, which feeds this ongoing love affair?

Both a Workhorse and a Family Vehicle

Bakkies provide farmers with the best of both worlds; they excel as both a workhorse and a family vehicle. Bakkies are often found under the commercial vehicle category, this is due to the amount of duties it can assist with completing due to its design and numerous capabilities. Bakkies are able to perform the duties that some other agricultural machinery is built to complete, this includes tasks such as loading and hauling, towing, transport, and more.

Bakkies are used for commercial purposes in multiple industries such as the mining industry, the construction industry and the agricultural industry. Apart from all these work duties, bakkies are also designed for personal use, mimicking (if not overtaking) the specs and comfort of passenger vehicles.

Rugged Durability, Versatility, and Efficiency

Bakkies are built to perform in any environment. The rugged durability of these vehicles far surmount the capabilities offered by passenger vehicles. The suspension and torque of the various well-loved brands of bakkies offer further versatility by giving drivers the confidence to handle off-road terrains with responsive strength. Aside from handling the agricultural work environment, the durability of the bakkie also broadens the horizons for comfortable multi-climatic road trips and zero limitations in design.

Availability and Popularity

The availability of bakkies is endless and can be easily scooped up on a SA farming directory, through farming suppliers, or from our wide range of dealerships. Search for the dealerships that offer you the vehicles that are built for the agricultural industry on a SA farming directory, where you can shop for anything from agricultural machinery, vehicles and agricultural products to various other farming supplies. Dealerships which offer the rugged solutions you need, like Nissan, are readily available and willing to help you find the bakkie you need.

South Africa’s best-loved vehicle, the bakkie, can be found, new or pre-owned, on Agrifood SA’s farming directory, for all the vehicle and farming suppliers you need to get hold of.

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