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Afriq Water

Irrigating For a Greener Tomorrow

Afriq Water started in 2015 with its range of HDPE Quick Coupling Sprinkler Systems. They’re quickly grown and expanded to offer a wide variety of irrigation solutions to farmers across Southern Africa. 

The full Afriq Water range includes

  • HDPE Quick Coupling Sprinkler System
  • Dripline
  • Dripline fittings and attachments
  • Fertiliser Tanks 
  • A wide range of filters
  • K-Rain Gardening Irrigation Products


Afriq Water uses quality, virgin raw materials from around the globe and locally to manufacture world-class Dripline-, LDPE and HDPE Pipes. We import only the best fittings, filters, and fertiliser tanks for South African Farmers. 

HDPE Quick Coupling Systems are unlike anything the South African market has ever seen; easily installed, modified, robust, and UV protected, making them ideal for South African weather fluctuations. Afriq Water’s Quick Coupling Irrigation system is the reliable, durable and cost-effective alternative to other wasteful, costly, and labour-intensive irrigation systems.


The Quick Coupling System can function entirely on its own as a sprinkler system or main lines for water transportation or compliment other irrigation systems such as dragline and drip line systems. Joined by ingenious quick coupling latch fittings, an entire system can easily be disassembled and adjusted by a single farmer, lightweight and easily movable by hand.


Extreme droughts plague Southern Africa, and Afriq Water saw the need for a water-wise irrigation system that can help our farmers achieve higher yields in drier months. As a result, Afriq Drip was born, and Afriq Water started manufacturing dripline in 2020. Drip Irrigation allows for a more effective, controlled system, with water and nutrients delivered right to the root zone of a plant.


Emitters spaced along the length of a roll dripline are spaced evenly, and farmers can choose which spacing, wall thickness, and litres per hour suit their needs. The right amount of water, at the right time, allows for a fruitful harvest without compromising quality or time. 


Afriq Water has developed an ingenious pair of Dripline Kits: The Farmer’s Kit and The Garden and Vegetable Kit. Easy to use, with all of the necessary fittings and dripline, these kits can get any gardener started with dripline irrigation within minutes. These kits are also available on Takealot and at your local irrigation outlet for your convenience. You can search Afriq Water Drip Irrigation Kit on Takealot to see what we have in stock!


Afriq Water has recently partnered with K-Rain, the third-largest home- and commercial property gardening irrigation company in America. This brings an exciting new dimension to Afriq Water’s range of products. This partnership is specifically to service co-operations, irrigation shops and contractors. K-Rain products can be sourced at most local irrigation outlets within the following year. If your local irrigation shop does not carry these products, please request an order through your local outlet. K-Rain products offer competitive prices at a high value. 


For a complete price list and contact details, please visit We look forward to working with you and see a bountiful harvest in your future. 

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