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Afriq Water Management (Pty) Ltd
Company Information

Afriq Water was started in 2015 by Wynand Ueckermann. Wynand, the group CEO, has extensive experience within the agricultural irrigation market, having grown up on farms and with +15 years of experience in irrigation.

Helana, his wife and the administrative office- and K-Rain district manager, supports him in a management and strategic capacity.

More Information

The Team

There are few entities that inspire confidence like a family business. Nobody in the business is involved for short-term gain, but rather for a sustainable, long-term future. It is for that reason that Karl Ueckermann, Justine Janse van Vuuren and Charné Ueckermann, the son and daughters of Wynand and Helana, as well as their partners, are involved in the business.

Karl is in charge of manufacturing, and his wife Simone handles day-to-day admin in the office. Justine and her husband, Brandon, both handle sales and distribution. Charne is the in-house designer and marketing manager.

Afriq Water employs more than 10 workers from the local community for production and manufacturing.

Irrigating for a greener tomorrow

Afriq Water manufactures and supplies Irrigation Systems all over Southern Africa, including:

  • Dripline Irrigation, including fittings and pre-built kits
  • HDPE Quick Coupling Sprinkler Systems and HDPE & LDPE Pipes
  • Fertiliser Tanks
  • Irrigation Filters
  • K-Rain Garden & Commercial Irrigation

Afriq Water provides farmers with expert advice, ensuring that farmers get the most out of their irrigation system and continue to nurture a greener tomorrow.

Products & Services
Drip Irrigation

Southern Africa is a dry and water scares region.

Drip Irrigation is the most water-wise irrigation method, with water delivered directly to the plant's root zone, in the right amounts, at the right time, ensuring a fruitful harvest without compromising water resources. With Drip Irrigation, farmers can easily deliver water-soluble fertiliser to achieve optimum yields while saving water, fertiliser, and labour costs.

The Benefits of using Dripline:

  • Lower water consumption.
  • High crop yields and quality.
  • Easy installation and dismantling.
  • Irrigates uniformly on any topography and soil type, with precise water distribution and less puddling.
  • Saves energy as it performs optimally on low pressure.
  • Efficient use of fertilizer, fungicide, and insecticide with no seeping.
  • Reduced weed growth.
  • Less dependency on weather conditions which leads to greater stability and lower risk.

Benefits to the Plants

Where sprinkler and flood irrigation systems often overwater plants once every few days, leading to bouts of drought for the crop in between waterings that is not ideal for plant development and growth, dripline delivers a steady and constant application of water.

Water and nutrients delivered frequently and in small doses, ensure the best growing conditions to help produce the highest yields possible. All types of crops are suitable for this method of irrigation; from field crops such as maize, soya bean or sugarcane, to vegetables and tree crops.

Selection Of Dripline & Manufacturing

The farmer selects the wall thickness, emitter spacing and litres per hour of the dripline according to his needs and the requirements of the crop, the plant spacing, and the soil's physical traits. Each emitter distributes the exact amount of water and fertilisers (if applied), resulting in the consistent application of water and nutrients directly to each plant's root zone, across an entire field, without the evaporation often seen in sprinkler systems.

As Afriq Water manufactures, farmers are able to customise the dripline to their needs. Afriq Water manufacturers on-demand, with a one- to two-week lead time on all orders.

Rolls come in standard sizes of:

Afriq Drip Light

  • 0.15 mm in rolls of 2500m
  • 0.20 mm in rolls of 2000m
  • 0.30 mm in rolls of 1250m

Afriq Drip Medium

  • 0.40 mm in rolls of 1000m
  • 0.60 mm in rolls of 700m

Afriq Drip Heavy

  • 0.90 mm in rolls of 500m

Farmers can customise any of these rolls with the following specifications:

Litres per hour

  • 0.80 l/ph
  • 1.00 l/ph
  • 1.30 l/ph
  • 1.60 l/ph
  • 2.00 l/ph

Emitter spacing

  • 20 cm
  • 30 cm
  • 40 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 75 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 1 m
The Cost

The initial layout of dripline can be more costly than other irrigation methods, but farmers should calculate Return On Investment over a longer period of time, taking into consideration increases in crop yields while saving on inputs (water, fertiliser, energy and labour). Dripline can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time and ensure higher profit.

With 95 - 100% water-use efficiency, this method of irrigation is known to be one of the most efficient irrigation methods. This is compared to sprinkler irrigation which offers 80 - 85% water use efficiency, or flood and furrow irrigation which offers 60 - 70% water-use efficiency.

Dripline Irrigation Kits

For the home, or small plot gardener. Ideal for growing veggies and flower beds. Includes everything you might need, except for your mainline and specialised dripline fittings.

Quick Coupling Sprinklers

Afriq Water's Quick Coupling irrigation system is a reliable, durable and cost-effective alternative to old-fashioned steel pipe systems.


An entire line of the system can be moved and assembled single-handedly as it is made from lightweight HDPE, and can be used in all topographical conditions.


The system can be utilised to support other irrigation systems e.g. dragline and dripline systems as lateral lines, or alternatively to be used on its own as a sprinkler system or as main lines for water transportation.

System Design

The system consists of HDPE pipes, normally 6m (Afriq Water can manufacture in various pipe lengths) which are joined by ingenious, bright orange quick coupling latch fittings which are highly visible in fields, friction welded and fitted with gaskets for a tight, leak-proof seal to be used in all topographical conditions.


The smooth interior ensures low friction loss, increasing the efficiency of the system. The system has been used for the past 40 years in all climate conditions, from harsh frozen winters to extremely hot summers. UV protected and extremely durable, Southern African weather conditions and direct sunlight poses no challenge for this unique product.

Irrigation Filters

Water filtration is important for all irrigation systems, including Quick Coupling Sprinkler Systems and Dripline irrigation. Filters extend the life of and lower the maintenance of your sprinkler and dripline irrigation systems.


Filters For Sprinkler Irrigation

Filters can lower the maintenance of your sprinkler system, even for systems that are used to spread solids, such as manure.

Filters for Drip Irrigation

For drip systems, filters are an absolute necessity to prevent emitters from becoming clogged. Without filtration, algae can easily build up along the walls of dripline and can easily clog emitters. Small granules, like sand, can cause wear-and-tear as it’s flushed through your system, scraping across the inner walls of your dripline and damaging the system. Always use the highest level of filtration that is practical.

What if I already have an irrigation system without a filter?

To install a filter or filters into an existing irrigation system can be done with ease. You can simply insert the filter at any stage between the water source, mainline or sprinklers and/or dripline.

Screen filters

The most common filters, which are excellent at removing hard particles - such as sand. They are not ideal to remove organic materials such as algae and slime.

Disc filters

Removes sand and organic matter, like algae and slime, well. A disc filter consists of a stack of round discs. The discs have minuscule spaces between them when stacked together. The water is forced between the spaces between the discs, and the particulates are filtered out because they won't fit through these gaps. The organics are snagged in between the discs.

Fertilizer Tanks

Delivers liquid fertilizer and minerals to the soil, promoting the growth and health of the plants.

A necessary practice in modern agriculture for many farmers and works well with sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

K-Rain Garden & Commercial Irrigation

Afriq Water is the sole distributor of K-Rain products in South Africa, with warehousing rights. K-Rain is one of the largest manufacturers of irrigation rotors, sprays, valves and irrigation controllers in the world.

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