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Fire Protection for Thatch Roofs

Thatched roofs are popular in South Africa due to their insulation properties and layered vegetation that acts as waterproofing. They are beautiful, inviting and have a nostalgically appealing smell. All of these attributes are trivial without a very important element: fire protection.

Fires in Homes in South Africa

The addition of fire protection to thatch roofs means that all its appeal can be enjoyed without the fear of its one flaw.  It is imperative that the functionality of thatch roofs is coupled with the correct safety measures to protect home owners and their properties. 

The increase of home fires in South Africa is somewhat staggering with almost 5500 emergency calls placed in 2015 for fires in homes alone. Losses due to fires in formal dwellings in 2015 reached close to a billion rand.

Further investigation into the fires that took place in June 2017 in Knysna has revealed that it was likely a man-made fire that ignited the disaster. The winds and dry conditions spread the flames but the initial spark was due to human carelessness. It is important for everyone to be aware of fire safety regulations as lighting fires in open spaces can cause destruction on a colossal scale.

The Benefits of Thatch Marshall 8000

The addition of fire protection to thatching not only makes it flame retardant but can also extend its lifetime, making it more durable by protecting your thatch from pests. It also protects thatch against the growth of fungus (reducing allergens) and UV rays.

Insects love thatch, but the fire protection in the form of Thatch Marshall 8000 helps to deter these pests. This protects both your thatch and makes your home a more pleasant living environment. Many birds in South Africa use elements like thatch to build their nests, Thatch Marshall 8000 binds the thatch together making it close to impossible for birds to dismantle it.

How Thatch Marshall 8000 is Applied

Thatch Marshall 8000 is applied with a high-pressure sprayer. It binds the thatch making it more durable and flame retardant. It is safe for workers applying it (while wearing masks), inhabitants and the environment because it is water based and does not release toxic, volatile organic compounds.

Thatch Marshall 8000 dries within hours leaving the water-insoluble phosphate to impart flame retardant qualities. It even limits run-off with rainwater and prolongs its fire resistant properties.

New roofs need to be retreated with Thatch Marshall 8000 every five years and older roofs every four years. Remember that fire protecting your roof does not mean you can throw general fire safety rules out the window. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand in the case of an emergency and be sure to follow fire safety procedures at all times.

Contact Top Thatch today for a safe and proudly South African home.

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