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Agrifood SA_What Not to Wear A Style Guide for Hardworking Farmers in South Africa

What Not to Wear: A Style Guide for Hardworking Farmers in South Africa


Farmers should opt for clothing that is safe in order to successfully complete their outdoor tasks. However, this does not mean that they have to sacrifice on style, browse through the variety of gear on Agrifood, SA’s agricultural product directory, for a wide range of options.

In order to decide what is best for farmers to wear, we can look at what not to wear:

Unsupportive Shoes are bad safety footware

In order to work hard throughout the day, with comfort and safety in mind, farmers need durable and breathable work shoes. Shoes that are unsupportive will be unfit for everyday farming tasks and may lead to chronic muscular pain and fatigue. High-quality boots from farming suppliers are usually the best bet, as they have been designed and manufactured with the farmer in mind.

Restrictive Clothing

Clothing that is tight and restrictive is a definite no-go. Farmers should look at only wearing clothing that is fitted, but does not restrict any movement or cause discomfort. Many tasks and chores that need to be completed on farms require free-range motion and therefore it is best practice to opt for looser, but fitted attire.

Clothes Unsuitable for the Season

Farmers in South Africa should also look at buying seasonal gear, rather than relying on clothing that is unsuitable for the time of year. In summer, shorts and light-weight shirts may be best for outdoor chores in the hot months of the year. Whereas in winter, overalls and windbreakers will help streamline tasks in the cold.

Have a look at some clothing from farming suppliers, designed with South African farmers in mind. Agrifood SA’s agricultural product directory has a range of attire for farmers, boasting safety footwear and attire.


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